Watch: This rescue of a dog from an icy pond will warm your heart

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(Meredith) -- A dog was rescued by firefighters in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Wednesday after it was found stranded on an icy pond by a fire officer driving past the area.

In a video from Tulsa’s KJRH, two firefighters can be seen in thermal suits maneuvering a Rapid Deployment Craft out to the dog, who sits patiently waiting for his rescuers.

The stranded canine is cooperative with the firefighters as they pull it into their rescue craft, which is then pulled back safely to shore.

Firefighters told KJRH they didn’t know how long the dog had been out on the ice, and the dog had been taken to a warm place to recover from its chilly ordeal. The dog didn’t seem to be in distress or immediate danger, so rescuers were able to take their time and take precautions, KJRH reported.

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