Bear attacks Florida man right outside his home

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(Photo: CNN, WINK, Collier County Sheriff, Cell Phone Video) (Photo: CNN, WINK, Collier County Sheriff, Cell Phone Video)

(Meredith) – A Florida man is lucky to be alive after he was attacked by a bear outside his home.

ABC News reported that Andy Meunier was taking his dogs out when he turned to see a bear staring at him from just a few feet away.

"Everything went in slow motion. It was just as scary as you can imagine," the Naples, Fla. resident told WXVN, an affiliate with ABC News. "It was standing in front of me and I tried to turn left real quick and get back in the house, and caught an uppercut from a brown, or a black, bear."

The bear slashed his face and knocked him to the ground. Meunier was able to flee back to his home before the situation escalated, but not before he'd need 41 stitches to heal the deep gash the bear left across his face.

This isn’t the first time Meunier has seen bears in his neighborhood, but he said he was told he was the first person to ever be attacked by one in South Florida.

Traps were set around the neighborhood by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, using donuts as bait.


Information for this article was provided by ABC News and WXVN.

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