From serious to wacky: New laws in 2018

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(CNN/Meredith) – At the beginning of every year, states add new laws to the books. While many of them range from no-brainers to the minute, others might be seen at downright wacky!

Some states have implemented laws focused on how police interact with the public in 2018. Police officers in New Jersey that investigate sexual assaults are now required to get training to ensure that victims are not traumatized further.

And a law in North Carolina that seems ripped from recent headlines... Driver's handbooks there will now include guidance on how to deal with police during a traffic stop.

In California, when applying for a new job, potential employers can no longer ask about your prior salary. This keeps them from being able to use your salary history as a hiring factor. Applicants can also now request a pay scale for the position.

And employers in Vermont can no longer ask their workers to provide their social media accounts.

So at least in that state, you may not have to worry about the tweet you sent in 2014 coming back to haunt you at work. If you're going through a divorce in Illinois, and have pets, courts can now weigh in on custody agreements for the couple's fur- kids.

But the most highly anticipated legal change for 2018, is in California where people over the age of 21 can now legally purchase marijuana without a medical card.

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