STATEMENT: Arizona Cardinals Coach Bruce Arians announces retirement

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(Source: 3TV/CBS 5) (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)
(Source: 3TV/CBS 5) (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

Arizona Cardinals Coach Bruce Arians announced his retirement at a news conference Monday morning. Visibly emotional, he did not take questions from the media. Below is his entire 5-minute statement.

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[Drinks water]

"Can't change habits.

"We built this program on three words -- trust, loyalty and respect.

[Chokes up]

"I told our team last night I was done. I'm retiring and they lied to you because of that. There is no greater feeling in the world than to know your players have your back.

"I can't say enough about our owner. I mean the best owner I think in the league by far. He just introduced a young lady to our guys who will handle all alumni benefits -- only team in the league that takes care of their alumni players.

"Building a new field already.

"Steve Keim, a general manager who is like a little brother and great guy. I mean the way he refilled the roster this year and to be able to take guys and plug them and play them and win three out of the last four is amazing and it's been a great ride.

"I told you before there would be reasons. Family is a big one.

"I will miss the game. I will actually miss your guys [to the media]. Hell, I might be on your side, I don't know.

"It's been a great ride. I can't thank Michael enough for giving me this opportunity. I can't thank our coaching staff enough. What they did in the last eight weeks is just absolutely amazing. To go out there and win that game with guys going down left and right like they had all year and to finish it off.

"I probably didn't truly know 'til that kick went through that I was going to retire.

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"I know everybody speculated; everybody speculated for months. Everybody had a story. You now have the story.

"Like I said, it's been an unbelievable journey. It started in 1975.

"Probably one of the hardest things for me this year was sitting at the lake this summer and Chris said, 'You know Jake [their son] is going to be 40.' And I mean it hit me like a ton of bricks that I missed all that time. And that's coaching.

"[I] probably wouldn't change anything.

"Just relationships that you build over the years with players, that never changes. Going to Philly or Washington and having 15 or 20 Temple guys show up that are now in their 50s - how the hell you'd get so old?

"That's really why you do this business.

"I can't thank you guys enough. You guys have been great., I know how hard your job is and hopefully, we treated each other with enough respect that we always got it done in the right way -- unlike some people who have all these 'sources.' You know, I hate that word.

"The tears you see are really tears of joy and peace. I'll miss the players. I'll miss coming out of the locker room hearing the national anthem 'cause it still gets me.

"Somehow, some way I'm going to be in touch with the game. I'm not leaving the Valley.

[Chokes up]

"Very proud of our foundation and the work we are doing to help the children in this Valley and that will never stop. Hopefully, we can count on your guys' support when we help these kids because that's more important than football.

"I know our fans do not want to hear it but the kids that we have helped in this Valley in the past five years means way more to me than wins and losses.

"I encourage all of you -- because I know one of you has become a CASA [Court Appointed Special Advocate] -- and try it. I think I'm going to be one That's one of the things I'm going to hopefully [do]; I don't know if I'm strong enough to be one 'cause I probably would try to take things in my own hands.

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"Again thank you. There's so many reasons for the decision but family is the one.

"Thank you."

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