RECIPE: Ring in the new year with a Beef Short Rib dinner

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Looking for a recipe for the new year?

Jason McGarth, executive chef with J's Kaiyo Sushi + Bar in Scottsdale gives up the recipe for making a beef short rib for a table of four!


4 short rib 3" cut

1 carrot

1 celery

1 red onion

10oz lemongrass

6 Fresno pepper

1 Cilantro Bunch

4 bay leaves

2oz thyme, fresh

2qt red wine

2qt water

2qt of dashi

2qt Dr. Pepper

1 each plum sauce, 7oz Jar

2 Cauliflower Head

2 qt of whole milk

2oz of Garlic Clove


Sear the ribs under high heat until browned on all side. While you are browning the meat, start rough chopping all your vegetables to a deep hotel pan (600 pan), pr to cilantro.

Add rough chopped vegetables to a deep hotel pan (600 pan), or you can add to a large crock pot. If adding to a crock pot, you would have to break down the short rib in individual pieces, bone on.

Then, add your browned beef and liquids. (Note: you may need to adjust liquid amount for use in a crock pot. Remember there should be equal parts of the main three liquids. 

Wrap your pan with aluminum foil and braise for three-four and braise for three-four hours at the 300-degree oven, or until fork tender. 

While our meat is braising away, we can start our velvet cauliflower that is amazingly simple. 
Break down the cauliflower by hand into as small of pieces as you can. 

Place in a sauce pot with milk and garlic. Poach until completely cooked.

Strain milk from cauliflower but remember to reserve the milk. 

Blend cauliflower using as little milk as possible to keep the blender from seizing up.

The goal is to have the thickest puree as possible.

Add salt to taste.

Once the ribs are done you will need to strain the braising liquid through a fine strainer, remove or skim the fat off, and reduce to a glace. 

We garnish our ribs with some raw enoki mushrooms, but you may use whatever you prefer at this stage. 

For more information on J's Kaiyo Sushi and Bar, you can visit their Facebook page

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