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Servings: 4

•    ½ head napa cabbage about 10 leaves) 
•    ½ bunch shungiku (Small Tong Hao or  Chrysanthemum) 
•    1 Green onion or leeks  (cut in 1/2 or 1/4)
•    1 package enoki mushrooms
•    8 shiitake mushrooms (carve decorative top)
•    1 package Tofu 
•    ? carrot (for decoration, optional)
•    1 package shirataki noodles (yam noodles) 
•    1 Tbsp neutral flavor oil (vegetable, canola, etc)
•    1 lb thinly sliced beef (ribeye)
•    1 Tbsp sugar
•    1-1.5 cup dashi (to dilute the sauce) 

Sukiyaki Sauce (Yield 2 ? cup)
•    1 cup sake 
•    1 cup mirin
•    ¼ cup granulated sugar 
•    1 cup soy sauce 

1.    Gather all the ingredients.
2.    Combine 1 cup sake, 1 cup mirin, ¼ cup sugar, and 1 cup soy sauce in a small sauce pan and bring it to a boil. Once boiling, turn off the heat and set aside.
3.    Prepare sukiyaki ingredients. Cut napa cabbage into 2” (5 cm) wide then cut in half right at the middle of the white part.
4.    Cut shungiku into 2” (5 cm) wide, and slice Tokyo negi. Discard the bottom part of enoki and tear into smaller bundles.
5.    Discard the shiitake stem and decorate the top of shiitake if you like.
6.    Cut tofu into smaller pieces (I usually cut into 6-8 pieces).
7.    If you like, you can slice some carrots and then stamp them into a floral shape for decoration.
8.    Drain and rinse the shirataki noodles. Put all the ingredients on one big platter for the table or into smaller individual servings.
9.    Set a large deep sauté pan if a cast iron sukiyaki pot is unavailable on medium heat. When it’s hot, add 1 Tbsp. cooking oil.
10.    Place some of sliced beef to sear and sprinkle 1 Tbsp. brown sugar. Flip and cook the meat. 
11.    Pour 1 ? cup of Sukiyaki Sauce and 1 cup dashi (or water) in the pot, or until ? of the ingredients are submerged in the sauce.
12.    Place some of the ingredients in the pot (except for udon). Put the lid on and bring to a boil. Once boiling, turn the heat and simmer until the ingredients are cooked through.
13.    Once the food is cooked, you can start enjoying them. Keep adding more ingredients and sauce as you eat from the pot. If the sauce is too salty, add dashi to dilute. If the vegetables diluted the sauce too much, then add more sukiyaki sauce.


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