You can buy this dog Afro (and 19 other weird things) on Amazon

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(Photo: Amazon) (Photo: Amazon)

(Meredith) – Looking for a last-minute holiday gift? What about something funny for a friend’s birthday? Amazon has everything you need (and plenty of things you don’t).

Check out our list of these super odd things you can buy on Want to know more? Click each photo to check out the product on Amazon’s website.

Here's a full list right here if you're interested!

  1. The "Chambong"
  2. The Kitty Turntable
  3. The GlowBowl
  4. The Quick Dude Shower
  5. Baseball Bat Wine Opener
  6. Bacon-Scented Beard Balm
  7. Gummi Bear Skeleton
  8. Bobcat Mullet
  9. Handitaur
  10. Nicolas Cage Pillowcase
  11. Five-Finger Hands For Your Hand
  12. Dog Afro
  13. Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches
  14. Bigfoot Statue
  15. Coyote Urine
  16. Adult Size Muscle Man Chest Plate
  17. Dog Treat Tosser/Pet Camera
  18. NCAA Hover Helmet
  19. High Heel Stapler
  20. Human Body Fat Replica (5 Pounds)

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