Mountainside Fitness helps Cardinals cheerleaders stay in shape

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(Source: 3TV/CBS 5) (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)
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(Source: 3TV/CBS 5) (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

On the field, the Arizona Cardinals cheerleaders keep fans fired up all game long.

But have you ever wondered who keeps them fired up?

That's a job for trainers like Jordan Guida at Mountainside Fitness. “The whole idea is to make the body work,” he says, as several of the cheerleaders show up for work.

Mountainside Fitness is their go-to training facility, thanks to a unique partnership between the squad and the club.

“And actually have contact with them and be involved with them. Coming and working out; using our facilities. Not just a brand name for the sake of a name," explains Guida.

Andrea is one of the cheerleaders who tries to make it here every day.

“A bunch of us live all over the Valley, so we utilize many of the Mountainside Fitnesses," she says.

Teammate Chelsie adds. “I love keeping up with my cardio  I  mean, game day is a four-hour event, so we like to make sure we are ready for that.”

Cardio is big for these women, but Guida says that is just the beginning. “We really want to work on balance and coordination. The strength will be involved in any of the weights we touch, but they work on different timings and stuff like that."

Andrea says, “A lot of body weight. We like to keep it light, of course, so we like to use the 5- and 10-pound weights, typically. We don’t do any heavy weight training.”

But Guida says some weight training is good for everyone. “It's just going to make you toned and fit and lean. That's what everyone wants at the end of the day.”

Guida says the great part is trainers at Mountainside can work some of those routines into your workout, or design something totally custom,”Whether it be a professional athlete or someone that just wants to get back in shape, everything can be designed and tailored to them."

And he says, there is something anyone can do to make their workout routine more successful. Follow the cheerleaders' example and bring a buddy, “What I love is my whole team is able to come so we love getting in groups and we practice all together,” says Andrea.

"That accountability is huge," Guida says. "You have someone you are coming in with. You have a better reason to come in because of that. “

And with a little work, Guida says you will soon be cheering your own fitness success.  “If you can come three days a week and kill it, work out for 30 minutes with good hard weights, you will be ready to go.”

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