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Wildlife Wednesday: Meet a baby llama

They are the cutest babies, we're talking baby llamas with Wildlife World Zoo this morning. 

Llama Facts:

  • The llama is a South American relative of the camel, though the llama does not have a hump. These sturdy creatures are domestic animals used by the peoples of the Andes Mountains
  • Llamas were first domesticated and used as pack animals 4,000 to 5,000 years ago.
  • Llamas can be 6ft tall and weigh 280 to 450 pounds and can carry about a quarter of their body weight, so a 400-pound male llama can carry about 100 pounds on a trek of 10 to 12 miles with no problem.
  • In the Andes Mountains of Peru, llama fleece has been shorn and used in textiles for about 6,000 years. Llama wool is light, warm and water-repellent and their wool is used in the production of fabrics, rugs and ropes.
  • Llamas are hardy and well suited to harsh environments.
  • Llamas are smart and easy to train.
  • Llamas are vegetarians and have efficient digestive systems.
  • Here's a fun, believe it or not fact: Llama poop has almost no odor. Llama farmers refer to llama manure as "llama beans." It makes great, eco-friendly fertilizer. 
  • Llamas live to be about 20 years old.
  • A baby llama is called a "cria." It's pronounced KREE-uh. Mama llamas usually only have one baby at a time. Llama twins are incredibly rare. Pregnancy lasts for about 350 days--nearly a full year. Crias weigh 20 to 35 pounds at birth and can start running with the herd the same day they are born
  • Life span of llamas is between 20 and 30 years. 
  • Llamas come in a range of solid and spotted colors including black, gray, beige, brown, red and white.
  • Llamas are social animals and prefer to live with other llamas or herd animals.
  • A group of llamas is called a herd.
  • Llamas don't bite. They spit when they're agitated, but that's mostly at each other
  • They have excellent sense of sight, smell and hearing, which are used for detection of potential danger.
  • Llamas have inherited fear of coyote, mountain lions and other dog-like animals. Some llamas are used as "guards" of the sheep because they quickly alert and protect the herd when they spot a predator.

The Wildlife World Zoo is located at 16501 W. Northern Ave. in Litchfield Park.

For more information on all the zoo's exciting attractions and events, call 623-935-WILD or check out their website:

All eyes on Alabama Senate race and replacement for Franks 

All eyes are on two big seats, one in Alabama and one in Arizona. In Alabama, for the U.S. Senate election race, the nation is watching after multiple women accused Republican candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct when they were minors. In Arizona, U.S. Rep. Trent Franks resigned amid sexual misconduct allegations, which is now setting off a scramble among Republicans to fill the rare open seat. We speak candidly about both with Marcus Dell'Artino of FirstStrategic.     

For more information, visit: or

300 W. Clarendon, Suite 460
Phoenix, AZ 85013

Direct: 602-266-6565
Toll free:1-888-456-7890

Countdown to "Star Wars" is on 

The countdown continues to the opening of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi". Of course, it's another tale of good vs. evil and light vs. dark. All week on "Good Morning Arizona", Tara's been sharing her cast interviews. Today, she turns to the dark side and talks with some of the films 'bad guys' and 'girls.'

For more information on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, visit:

For more information on Tara reviews and interviews visit:

Beat stress eating this holiday season 

They say you can gain 10 pounds or more during the holiday eating season, and let's face it, some of that extra nibbling might come from all that added stress. To help table that, we turn to Registered Dietician and Trainer Theresa Price of Lifetime Fitness who shows us how to beat stress eating, and arms us instead, with tasty holiday swaps. 

  • Give yourself a night or two off from cooking and pick up a healthy Meal to Go from out Life Café©
  • Shake off the stress with our Holly Jolly Shake with banana cacao nibs, your choice of our chocolate protein such as whey, vegmax or beef protein and peppermint flavoring 
  • Caffeinate Healthy with our Healthy Version of Peppermint Mocha Latte using your choice of milk
  • If you are going to bake use healthier alternatives like pureed pumpkin, applesauce, zucchini and avocado 
  • Take a Yoga Class that relieves stress such as Life Time's Surrender or a "BE" meditation class
  • Take time to take care of you and plan a Spaliday with a massage or body treatment like our Detoxifying Back Treatment a stress reliever at our LifeSpa
  • Plan time to exercise or set goals as a family and sign up for our January 1st, Commitment Day 5K

The event is being held at LTF Gilbert and will begin at 10am. All information is available at

For more information: 

Life Time -  Tempe
1616 W Ruby Dr, Tempe, AZ 85284
Phone:(480) 705-8855

Life Time - Gilbert
381 E Warner Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296
Phone:(480) 892-5020

Life Time Athletic North Scottsdale
6850 E Chauncey Ln, Phoenix, AZ 85054
Phone:(480) 538-9009

Life Time Palm Valley
14540 W McDowell Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85395
Phone:(623) 536-9595

Life Time Scottsdale at Shea and the 101
8642 E Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone:(480) 607-0900

Life Time Fitness is now referred to as just Life Time Inc. as it is evolving from a chain of fitness centers into an all-encompassing, "healthy way of life" brand. 
Life Time prefers to be referred to as a health club and not a gym. 

Time to fantasize with the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

From over the top parties for three-hundred of your closest friends, to gifts that give back, we have the premier list for the world's most luxurious holiday gift guide. We're talking about the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, and they join us this morning with a peek at this year's fantasy gifts. 

Neiman Marcus at Scottsdale Fashion Square featuring all things holiday such as:

  •  Shiny jewelry
  •  An assortment of gifts under $250
  •  Stocking stuffer gifts
  •  Uber luxury items
  •  Experiential gifts
  •  Hot holiday clothing in red (a popular color this season)
  • "Love to Give" collection items
  •  Holiday entertaining and home décor items
  •  Fun pajamas

For more information:

6900 E Camelback Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone: (480) 990-2100

Cooking with coffee

We're cooking with coffee this morning, and you just thought it was your morning jolt. Not true! Apparently, you can season some of your favorites with coffee, such as beef, and add it to your craft cocktails. We learn how to do both with Thirsty Lion. Of course, if you're not feeling creative, you can enjoy these items at the restaurant, which is on Thirsty Lion's new Fall menu. 

Coffee crusted braised beef with white cheddar mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and rich demi-glaze sauce.
Salted Caramel Moroccan Coffee
1 Rum, Kahlua, Irish cream, Buttershots, caramel, coffee and Kosher salt.

For more information: 

Thirsty Lion has 3 locations in Tempe, Scottsdale and Gilbert. 

14-year-old collecting coats for homeless    

Makenna is known around her community as the Red Wagon Girl because she goes door-to-door with her Radio Flyer wagon collecting coats.

  • 14-year-old Makenna has been collecting coats for the homeless for four years.
  • Every year, she takes the coats she has collected from the community and brings them to Phoenix Rescue Mission, where they are given directly to those in need.
  • Since 2013, she has collected more than 4,000 coats.
  • Makenna is known around her community as the Red Wagon Girl because she goes door-to-door with her Radio Flyer wagon collecting coats.
  • She began her cause after seeing a TV show on homelessness and asked her mom why some people have to sleep on the streets. Her mom responded, saying you can either be part of the problem or part of the solution. She chose the latter.

This year, she's already collected more than 1,200 coats and is hoping to top 1,300 by December 12, when she will be handing them out at Phoenix Rescue Mission's Winter Wonderland event for the homeless and working poor. 

For more information on Makennna visit:

For more information on the Phoenix Rescue Mission's winter Wonderland, visit:

Local Love: Rubymint General 

At Rubymint General you'll be able to find a gift for anyone.  Every item is personally curated or created by them, and the store gives you an overall feeling of walking to all the great booths at a festival without having to do the walking!  The store features 75 local artists and growing, and that number doesn't include the dozen or so artists found in the store from outside Arizona.  
Being almost 1 year old, Rubymint General is continually growing and evolving. 

For more information:

1441 E McDowell Rd, Unit 2
Phoenix, AZ  85006