State of Arizona can help if you're not getting paid for work performed

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MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -

A Mesa man says he got work from a temporary staffing company but didn't get paid. A state agency can help get employees what they deserve.

Lots of people took a side job in December, some seasonal work just for the holidays, and they counted on that extra money they earned. If you didn't get paid for hours worked, there's a place that can help, just make sure you can prove your claim.

Jeff Schiefelbein applied for a job on and got a call from a company called Solutions Staffing. Schiefelbein says Solutions Staffing found him work at a warehouse, he put in 12 hours, and gave his time sheet to the warehouse supervisor.

"Found my name, I signed it again, she put her initials right next to it so I could get paid and that was the end of it," Schiefelbein said.

He expected Solutions Staffing to load his pay onto a debit card they had provided him in seven days, but a month later he still hasn't seen his money. Schiefelbein says Solutions Staffing has given him no information on the delay other than to say they're working on it.

"That was all they told me, and this is what they've told me every time that I call, we're looking into it," Schiefelbein said.

People like Schiefelbein have recourse through the Industrial Commission of Arizona. If you're owed $5,000 or less and the wages were earned in the last year, just file a claim. You should provide a copy of your time card, something Schiefelbein doesn't have. A mistake he won't make again.

"I would definitely keep a track of what I did and ask for a copy of my hours, oh definitely," Schiefelbein said.

For now, his debit card balance is zero and he wants Solutions Staffing to make things right.

"The 12 hours shift, like I was told to work, I worked it, I would like to get paid for it," Schiefelbein said.

After CBS 5 News contacted Solutions Staffing, they got immediate action. Turns out their client had mis-categorized Schiefelbein's time card. The client found the card, submitted it, and Solutions Staffing paid Schiefelbein right away. Our thanks to Solutions Staffing for their quick work in getting the appropriate resolution.

So, there was never any danger of Schiefelbein not being paid, it was just a misunderstanding. However, if you find yourself in this position, the state will investigate and help try and get you paid; just have the documents you need to prove your case.

Besides copies of your time card, also get signed copies of the agency paperwork so there is proof they agreed to find you work.

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