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Littleneck Clams with Spinner Dumplings


Littleneck Clams
Courtesy of: Chef Danielle Leoni, The Breadfruit & Rum Bar

1 LB 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil    2 T    
Garlic    1 T    Minced
Yellow Onion    2 T    Minced
Thyme    1 T    Picked from stalk
Habanero    ¼ t    No Seeds / Minced
Spinner Dumpings    10 EA    See Recipe
Littleneck Clams    1 LB    Rinsed
Soursop Sauce    3 OZ    See Recipe
Chopped Herbs    2 T    See Recipe
Orange    1 EA    
1.    In a medium sauté pan on high heat, add Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, Yellow Onion, Thyme, and Habanero.  Sauté until fragrant.
2.    Add Spinner Dumplings. Sauté for apx. 1 minute. 
3.    Add Littleneck Clams and Soursop Sauce. 
4.    Cover and let steam for apx 4-5 minutes until clams open.
5.    Once clams are open, add Chopped Herbs. 
6.    Zest Orange over clams.
7.    Serve immediately. 

Spinner Dumplings

8 Servings (10 per)         

AP Flour    2 C    
Salt    1 t    
Water    ½ C    
1.    Put on a medium sauce pan of Water with 1 T Salt. Bring to a boil. 
2.    In a medium mixing bowl, mix together AP Flour and Salt.  
3.    Add Water. 
4.    Knead to combine until it becomes a dense dough. 
5.    Spin off tiny pieces of dough into boiling water. Spinners should be axp. ½ inch to maximum 1 inch. 
6.    Boil for apx. 8 minutes or until they float. 
7.    Drain dumplings. 
8.    Cool to store. 

Clams – Chopped Herbs

8 Servings                     

Parsley    ½ C    
Mint    ½ C    
Dill    ½ C    
1.    Rough chop all herbs. 
2.    Combine all. 
3.    Add 2 T Chopped Herbs added to finished clams before plating. 
Soursop Green Tea Sauce

10 Servings                    

Soursop    2 PK    
Green Tea    4 Bags    
Water    1 C    
Peaches    8 OZ    
Butter    12 OZ    
Thyme    .6 OZ    Picked
Salt    1 T    
1.    In a medium saucepan, combine all ingredients. 
2.    On a medium low heat, let simmer for 10 minutes.
3.    Squeeze out Green Tea bags. Discard.
4.    Puree. 
5.    Refrigerate to cool. 

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