Slideshow: Most sinful cities in America

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(Meredith) – Pride. Greed. Lust. Envy. Gluttony. Wrath. Sloth. These are the seven deadly sins, and they're more common in some cities than others.

WalletHub recently released the findings of a new study, which compared 182 cities in America, and they discovered which ones were the most “sinful.”

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To find out which cities are the naughtiest, they compared the following criteria:

  • Anger and Hatred (violent crimes, sex offenders, hate-crime incidents, etc.)
  • Jealousy (theft, fraud, etc.)
  • Excesses and Vices (Obesity, Fast Food restaurants, excessive drinking, etc.)
  • Greed (Casinos, gambling disorders, etc.)
  • Lust (adult entertainment establishments, teen birth rate, most active Tinder users, etc.)
  • Vanity/Pride (beauty salons, tanning salons, plastic surgeries, etc.)
  • Laziness (adults not exercising, average weekly work hours, high school dropout rate, etc.)

They assigned each of these categories (click here to see more details) a point and compared the points to find out which cities had the most of all these deadly sins.

[Click Here To View The Study On WalletHub's Website]

Source: WalletHub

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