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Free family fun at Peoria Old Town Holiday Festival 

The event will have live entertainment, including holiday-themed dances, the annual high school choral contest, theater acts, children's crafts and cookie decorating, 20 tons of snow to play in, photos with Santa, pony rides, inflatables, carnival rides, food and more. 

  • Annual Old Town Holiday Festival on Dec. 1 from 5 to 10 p.m.
  • Free family-friendly event between Peoria and Grand Avenues
  • Live entertainment, including holiday-themed dances, the annual high school choral contest, theater acts, music and Peoria's tree-lighting ceremony 
  • Children's crafts and cookie decorating, 20 tons of snow to play in, photos with Santa, pony rides, inflatables, carnival rides and food and drink vendors 

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Desert Botanical Garden lights up for the holidays

This year, the garden will be aglow for 21 magical evenings and will feature more than 8,000 hand lit luminaria bags, thousands of white twinkle lights and the sights and sounds of 10 unique entertainment ensembles, including local favorite, Simply Three. The southwest elegance and beauty of the Garden at night, will remind you of what the season is all about. 

Ticket Information:

  •     On sale Now!
  •     Adults: $25 | Children (3-12): $10, children under 3 free.

General Public
Become a member to save money & enjoy the Garden for a year!

  •     On sale Now!
  •     Adults: $30 | Children (3-12): $12.50, children under 3 free.

Groups of 25+
Call 480-481-8104 for a group discount.

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Desert Botanical Garden
1201 N. Galvin Parkway
Phoenix, AZ 85008
(480) 941-1225

Stressed out over the holidays? Try acupuncture

Michelle Derby, owner of Rock Star Acupuncture, says there are many benefits of acupuncture including destressing. She's offering $20 stress and pain relief ear treatments. 

For more information:

Rock Star Acupuncture
Michelle Derby, L.Ac and owner
1130 E. Missouri Ave Ste 580
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Garden Guy:  How to buy and care for your Christmas trees

As fun as it is to pick out a real tree for Christmas, taking care of it and disposing of it is a lot less exciting. Dave Owens, The Garden Guy shows us how to mount your tree, display it safely, and take care of it so it lasts all season. 


Displaying trees in water in a traditional reservoir type stand is the most effective way of maintaining their freshness and minimizing needle loss problems.
To display the trees indoors, use a stand with an adequate water holding capacity for the tree. ...
Use a stand that fits your tree. ...
Make a fresh cut to remove about a 1/2-inch thick disk of wood from the base of the trunk before putting the tree in the stand.

1.Choose a healthy tree. If at all possible, buy a Christmas tree from a tree farm, where you can purchase your tree while it's still in the ground. A freshly cut Christmas tree will last longer than one that's been cut weeks ago and shipped to distant retail outlets.

2.Steer clear of trees with a large number of dead or browning needles these trees are already past their prime. Gently stroke a branch on the tree to make sure that the needles are flexible and remain on the tree.

Choose and clear a location for the tree. It should be kept away from open flames or heat sources, which may dry it out prematurely. Trees do sometimes burn so be careful (see Warnings below). Corners are good places to put trees because this placement keeps the tree safe from knocks and bumps. If you'll be using lights to decorate your tree, place the tree close to an outlet. If this isn't possible, you'll need to use an extension cord. Be sure that if you use an extension cord, it runs along to wall and doesn't create a trip hazard. 

How to mount your tree: 
1.Prepare the base of your tree. Using a small handsaw, cut about a half inch to an inch (1.3cm-2.5cm) off the bottom to aid water absorption. Note: It is recommended that you don't cut the base at an angle, in a V-shape or drill a hole in the base. None of these methods help water absorption and they may make it more difficult to hold the tree safely in the stand.

DO NOT cut the tree with a reciprocal saw or any blade that moves so fast that it will create friction. If the cut gets hot enough, the sap in the tree will seal the end and make water absorption impossible. A chainsaw or manual saw will work.

2. Mount your tree within eight hours of cutting the base. That is how long a fresh tree can go without water before absorption is jeopardized. A Christmas tree should never be mounted dry. It is much better to place it in a container of water that is replenished on a regular basis. You can buy special tree cradles or stands which screw into the base of the tree and provide watering space. Or, you can go for the rougher but tried-and-true method of using a bucket filled with small rocks (put the tree in, fill the bucket with rocks around the trunk). The tree should be provided with 1 quart (950ml) of water for every inch (2.5cm) in trunk diameter. Note: ensure that whatever you use, the tree is stable. Don't whittle down the bark of the tree just so that it can fit in the stand - that outer layer is the part that absorbs the most water.

For more information:

Contact Dave at, or visit 

Build-your-own meatballs at The Sicilian Butcher

The new concept from Executive Chef Joey Maggiore. creator of Hash Kitchen, focuses on craft meatballs, charcuterie boards and Sicilian cuisine. The first 150 people in the door on opening day, December 1st, will receive one free meatball. Doors open at 3 p.m. 

  • The Sicilian Butcher opens on Friday, Dec. 1st and is a new restaurant concept focusing on craft meatballs, charcuterie boards and Sicilian cuisine.
  • The build-your-own meatball meal experience includes selecting from over 15 craft meatball varieties and different sauce options. Guests can choose to mix or match their meatballs for a sandwich, over pasta, or on top of polenta or risotto.
  • Executive Chef Joey Maggiore is the co-founder of The Sicilian Butcher and he also created Hash Kitchen, a brunch spot known for its creative twists on brunch and build-your-own Bloody Mary bar.
  • The first 150 people in line on opening day (Dec. 1st) will receive one free meatball. Doors open at 3 p.m. 
  • From Dec. 1-7, The Sicilian Butcher will only be open for dinner hours include 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., from Monday through Thursday, and 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.
  • Beginning on Dec. 8, The Sicilian Butcher will offer lunch service.

For more information:

The Sicilian Butcher
15530 N. Tatum Blvd. Suite 160, Phoenix (Tatum Blvd. and Greenway Road)
(602) 775-5140

Disneyland visits the Valley

The Happiest Place on Earth gets merrier once again when Holidays at the Disneyland Resort returns now, through Jan. 7, 2018. This festive season includes the return of favorite holiday experiences, including Festival of Holidays, "World of Color Season of Light," and the "Believe in Holiday Magic" fireworks spectacular. Joining us to talk about all the festivities and the spirit of the season is Minnie Mouse, along with the Grammy Award-winning Mariachi Divas, who join us with some festive music. 

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Holiday Jazz Show at the MIM features Actress Gloria Reuben

You might recognize her from the show "ER" or the movie "Lincoln," but now Actress and Singer Gloria Reuben will be in the Valley to join Jazz Guitarist and five-time Grammy Award-winning producer Marty Ashby at the MIM for the 8th annual Holiday Jazz Celebration. The show will be held Friday, Dec. 1st at 7:30 p.m. 

For advanced concert tickets: or call the MIM box office: 480-478-6000.

4725 E Mayo Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85050

Arizona leads growing trend of interracial marriages

Relationship expert Susan Bratton joins us to discuss the new MIT's Technology Review and the Pew Research Center research that explains: Even though the share of Americans who are married is at its lowest point since 1920, one in six marriages are now interracial. And Arizona leads the way with more than 25% of marriages with dual ethnicity.

What is causing this trend?

Today 15% of Americans use online dating to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right, and in the18-24 age group, that percentage soars to 24%. This accelerating trend is causing the nature of marital ethnicity to change as well.

Where we used to marry from a small pool of similar people, social networks expose us to a wider variety of ethnicities. Metros like Phoenix have an ever-increasing array of ethnicities, further accelerating interracial relationship. Now multi-ethnic spouses account for 10% of all marriages. Today that numbers 11 million people. And if you take into account people living together co-habituating 18% are now inter-racial.

With all the racial marches and protests, do you think this will cause things to get worse in America?

According to Pew Social Trends, attitudes about interracial marriage are changing rapidly. 39% of adults say marrying someone of a different race is good for society up from 24% in 2010. The most dramatic attitudinal shift comes from non-blacks who would oppose a relative marrying a black person. In 1990, 63% were opposed, but in the last 25 years that number slid all the way down to 14%… That's nearly a 50% change in attitude. As well, Asians and Hispanics are now half as likely to oppose interracial marriages, declining in opposition from just 19% down to only 9% against interracial marriage.  Accordingly, Asian (29%) and Hispanic (27%) are most likely to be intermarried.

The most common interracial pairing among newlyweds is Hispanic/White at 42%. And if you add having a bachelor degree you hit 46% (nearly half) of Hispanic newlyweds married to someone of a different ethnicity, primarily White.  To date, 42% of multi-racial children are White/Hispanic.

What kind of future impact will all these larger networks of different races from online dating sites and apps have on marriage?

According to researchers at the University of Essex in the UK and the University of Vienna in Austria who've modeled dating network impact over time say:

1) Their model "predicts nearly complete racial integration."
2)  "Marriages created in a society with online dating tend to be stronger."
3) Married couples who meet online have fewer marital breakup than those who meet in traditional ways.
And you know the saying: First comes love, then comes, marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.  What about the children from these couples? How is that changing the family landscape in America? 

One in seven US infants (14%) are now of mixed ethnicity.

America is moving from blended families to blended ethnicities. More than ever, an understanding of an individual’s core relationship values is what will keep the bonds strong in relationships. When we merge cultures, we can't treat our partner the way we want to be treated and expect them to understand what that is. That's why it's important to follow the Platinum Rule, treat your partner the way they want to be treated by understanding their relationship values. 

You have a downloadable workbook called, Relationship Magic that helps people understand their relationship values. Tell us about it.

Yes. This workbook helps you figure out what it is that is most important to you, so you can communicate your needs succinctly to your partner. Even with long-term couples, doing this exercise together explains curious behaviors that used to baffle you. 

Waking up every day and simply focusing on your partner's "must haves" makes them feel like they are in a perfect relationship. It's a powerful shift from just treating your partner the way you want to be treated.

To follow the Platinum Rule, go to to learn more.  

Holiday travel tips

Valley's Pop Culture Travel expert Staci Lichterman tells us the best picks for New Year's Eve destinations and the best deals you can get in early 2018.

Holiday Travel

  • Check bag if possible. Don't stress yourself out with carrying everything all over the airport.
  • Ship gifts in advance so you don't have to worry about how they will be handled on the plane.
  • Check TSA regulations if you just have to bring homemade food with you to your destination. 
  • Vegas is an excellent place to spend the holidays. It's close, they have great deals and it can be for the family or if you just want to get away from the family!


  • Think closer destinations if you have not booked anything for New Year's yet. LA is a great place to ring in the New Year. There are so many events. Las Vegas too but most people know that already.
  • Buy tickets in advance for your events don’t just wing it. You will pay more and run the risk of not being able to get in.
  • Go through a hotel concierge. A lot of people forget about them because everyone is so quick to go on those third-party sites but sometimes concierge can use their connections to get you a better deal.
  • Don't discount a staycation. If you really want to get away but waited until the last minute, there are plenty of good deals here locally.

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At the Movies: Jumanji Movie

The first film came out in the Mid-90's and starred robin Williams. The board game Jumanji has been collecting dust, but has morphed into a video game and movie starring some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Tara talks to the Rock, Kevin Hart and Jack Black.

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