Grandmother Pays it Forward to Scottsdale vice-principal making a difference in students' lives

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(Source: 3TV/CBS 5) (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

Dr. Jacque Hale spends a lot of time on the playground, walking kids to lunch, and helping out in the classroom.

She'll do anything to help kids learn and enjoy their school experience.

"That light bulb that goes on in that child truly is motivation to get you up in the morning early and go to work and try to do more," said Hale.

Hale has been an assistant principal at Pueblo Elementary School in Scottsdale for 14 years where she helped start a foreign-language enrollment program and free after school support sessions.

Every week, Hale comes in early and stays late to work with students on their math, reading, writing and Spanish immersion.

"Some kids need more time to learn than that, or learning in a small group, or one on one," said Hale. "It makes a difference, coming before school and after school."

Jane Daugherty has a granddaughter at Pueblo and has seen first hand how Hale's dedication to education is making a difference in students' lives.

"I think she's an example of educational leadership," said Daugherty. "She's sort of a walking around manager, but she doesn't boss, she inspires."

Daugherty reached out to CBS 5 to Pay it Forward to the vice principal, and then surprised her at school during lunchtime.

"I just think it's an amazing place, and I contacted channel 5 and they have a great program called Pay it Forward," said Daugherty. " Here is $500."

"The money is terrific, but the reward is genuine," said Hale.

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Jason Barry

Jason Barry has been reporting in the Valley since 1997.

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