National Unfriend Day: The time to trim your friends list

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It started as a monologue from Jimmy Kimmel (who briefly went to ASU) seven years ago and now it’s somewhat of an annual holiday: National Unfriend Day.

It’s a day when Facebook users, which is basically all of us, are urged to slim down that Facebook list.

You may have accumulated dozens or even hundreds of new friends this year. But how many of them are really your friends?

According to a study a few years ago, the average Facebook user has 338 friends. That number may have climbed since then, but that’s still a lot of people.

Facebook has made it easier to control who pops up in your news feed with the unfollow button. Users can still be friends with people but not have their posts show up. It’s basically unfriending someone without feelings being hurt.

But sometimes, it’s just better to cut the cord. Do you really need to keep up with that guy from college who you had one class with? Probably not. So, it’s just better to slim down that friends list.

Below are the six types of people you should unfriend on Facebook.

Any ex

Look… we get it. There were some great times and maybe you want to still look back on those photos and reminisce. But usually, it leads down to seeing what they’re up to now, who they’re dating, if that person is better looking than you. Many times, it’s just healthier to just move on and that means unfriending.

Random party attendee

So maybe you were at a party or celebration (like a wedding) and started chatting it up with someone and then you added each other on Facebook, either for platonic or romantic purposes. Months later, you haven’t talked to that person and they are still in your feed. Time to face facts: you’re not going to see that person ever again. Time to let them go and unfriend them.

Lovey-dovey couples

Everyone on social has seen these couples. Everyone knows how much they post about how much in love they are and everything is roses and they can’t imagine life without them. Great. That doesn’t mean Facebook users need a reminder every day, especially if they’re single. It might be difficult to drop the couples especially if you knew one or both of them before they got together but it might be better for your sanity.  

Old classmates

It might be fun at first to add that person you knew in high school or even elementary school that you haven’t seen in years or decades. You connect briefly, compare what you have and what they have.  Then that’s it. Years go by without any other contact. You won’t miss anything by unfriending them.

Obsessed political person

The political climate is especially divisive now so hanging on to that person who posts any political meme they see or goes on a massive rant on how they hate or love the president probably won’t be helpful for your mental health. Plus, if it’s a family member, you’ll probably get enough of that during the holiday season.

Anyone who makes you feel bad

Speaking of mental health, this might cover a lot of people. Using too much social media could have a negative impact on your self-esteem or mental health. So whether it’s the person who posts negative things too often or the person who brags about how great their life is all the time, if they make you feel bad, just ditch him. A lot of people also take a break from social media which can be good for your well-being too.  

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