Google: Phoenix's search trends and travel times on Thanksgiving

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Time is of the essence as Thanksgiving creeps closer, making Google everyone’s best friend.

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The search engine has collected data from past Thanksgivings and calculated the most-searched items during the holiday. 

According to Google's map of the United States and every state's search statistics, Arizona's No. 1 search is for parking lots.

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Google said that departments stores are the most commonly searched for location, but that is disregarding the popularity of department stores throughout the year.

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The search engine said, "If instead we focus on locations that are searched during the holiday far more than normal, we find that ham shops are the most popular."

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Popular local searches within Phoenix for the overall holiday include finding grocery stores and supermarkets. A lot of these searches will also include the hours the stores are open, making it a little easier to make sure you're not headed to an already closed grocery store.

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Google has also made recommendations for the safest times to hit the road due to high volume travel. 

The best time to leave Phoenix before the holiday is Wednesday at 3:00 AM. The worst time to leave is twelve hours later at 3:00 PM.

The best time to come back into the city after Thanksgiving is on Friday at 4:00 AM. The worst time to come back would be Saturday at 3:00 PM.

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If you aren't going to be in the Valley for the holiday, Google has found the same travel statistics for other major cities around the United States. 

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For more fun statistics about searches through Google during the Thanksgiving holiday, you can visit for more interactive charts and information.

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