2017 Uniformity – Week 12: Simple as black-and-white for ASU Football uniforms

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By Cole Streeper

The Sun Devils will battle Oregon State in their second straight road game this week.

A Week in Review

Last week’s uniforms were clean, but they didn’t stay that way forever. Not at any fault of anything other than the turf at the Rose Bowl. There may have been some stains on the jerseys at the end of the loss against UCLA, but that doesn’t take away from how slick the Devils looked in their monochromatic white combo that has become as much of a tradition as the Maroon Monsoon and Blackout. Unlike the Maroon Monsoon and Blackout, the use of the Whiteout look was actually in question at one point this season when it seemed that every road game was going to be a gold helmet/white jersey/maroon pant combination.

The white helmet stood out the most with the large chrome maroon pitchfork, maroon outlined player number decals, and white facemask. The all white uniform combo always has a bit of a wow factor that catches the eye, but leaves the eye wanting more all in the same glance. Sure, there’s maroon and gold on the uniform itself, but the starkness of all white leaves something to be desired. This is a purely subjective statement as I know there are others that are reading this article that love this uniform and everything it has to offer and I think those folks are right to believe that because though it isn’t my personal favorite, the Whiteout kit is forever a winner.

Whiteout Uniform: B+

The Week to Come


Another week approaches where the Sun Devil Football Equipment staff see to have the handcuffs removed has led to a combination that has not been seen since the famed Jael Mary game against USC in the L.A. Coliseum. The Sun Devils will be donning a black helmet/white jersey/black pant uniform combination as they travel to Corvallis to play Oregon State. This is also the first time that ASU will be wearing this combo during the Adidas era.

The white jersey features “Arizona State” in black Sun Devil Bold font across the chest. The nameplate on the back of the jersey also utilizes the black Sun Devil Bold font. On the front of the jersey near the left shoulder is a maroon Adidas logo, near the right shoulder is a maroon and gold Pac 12 shield, and at the base of the collar is the black PT*42 shield in honor of ASU Football legend, Pat Tillman. The maroon player numbers are outlined in gold on both the front and back of the jersey and the black pants have a prominent gold pitchfork with maroon trim on the left thigh.


Remember those incredible lids that the Sun Devils wore against Washington for the Blackout? Well they’re back this game for the contest against the Beavers. The matte black helmet will feature a standard sized black pitchfork decal with chrome gold trim. The decal’s chrome gold trim has a thin chrome maroon border around it as well. It will also feature a black facemask as well as a bold 3D bumper on the front of the helmet that reads PT*42, also honoring the legendary Sun Devil, Pat Tillman.

Outside of the Sunburst decal honoring Frank Kush, all of the decals featured on the back of the helmet will be chrome gold.  This includes the Pac 12 shield, the outline of the state of Arizona with a small pitchfork over Tempe, and even the text in the Warning label. As mentioned before, also featured on the back of the helmet is a small Sunburst logo which will be on the back of ASU helmets all season long. On the decal above the Sunburst is text that reads “Frank Kush” which is completed with the phrase “Builder of Champions” underneath the Sunburst. The decals on the back of the helmet are rounded out by small Sparky decals on either side of the helmet’s rear bumper.


The Sun Devils will be wearing black cleats to match the helmet and pants this week. The cleats pictured below will be explained beginning at the top left corner of the collage and working clockwise. The cleats in the top left are Adi-Zeros and Adi-Zero Mids and will be worn by speed skill players. They are black with white and gold accents, gold laces, and have metallic gold plating on the bottom of the sole. In the top right are Adidas Freak and Freak Carbon-Mids. These will be worn by speed sill players as well as heavy skill players like tight ends and linebackers. Their black base is also accented by white and gold along with the metallic gold plating on the bottom sole of the shoe, but there is additional gold detailing throughout the shoe as well.

In the bottom right picture are the high tops that will be worn by heavy position players such as offensive and defensive linemen. Within that picture, the cleats on the right are Freak Carbon high tops. They feature the same black, white, and gold detailing as the previously discussed mid-tops as well as gold plating on the bottom of the shoe. The cleats on the left within that picture are the Freak Torsion high tops. The Torsion features similar white and gold detailing on the black base, but has the flat gold continued throughout the bottom of the sole while there is only a small metallic gold plate accent near the arch. Each Freak cleat has the Freak logo on the heel of the shoe as can be seen in the bottom left picture below.

The Sun Devils will also be wearing black socks accented with maroon and gold. The socks are a black base with 3 maroon stripes around the calf, and 3 gold stripes around the ankle.


The Sun Devils will wear black base gloves this week, and as with the cleats, there are different gloves for different positions. From top to bottom, the style of gloves are Adi-Zeros worn by speed skill positions such as wide receivers and defensive backs, Adidas Freaks, worn by larger skill position players such as linebackers and tight ends, Adidas Freak-Max, which provide extra padding on the heel of the palm and back of the hands for all of the contact that linemen endure throughout the course of a game.

When the palms are placed next to each other, the Adi-Zeros feature a black pitchfork with gold trim on a black base. On the back of the Adi-Zeros, the outside of the hand is black, while the inside near the thumb is gold and is accented with black and gold piping. The Adidas Freaks read “FREAK” when the palms are placed together with a black and white pattern. The back of the Adidas Freaks are primarily black. The Adidas Freak-Max gloves omit any decorative aesthetics (save for a black and white pattern) in favor of the functionality of padding on the palms. On the back of the Freak-Max gloves, black is again the primary color and additional padding is provided on the knuckles and fingers.


Stringent rule limiting the equipment staff to not only maroon and gold inclusion, but only classic maroon and gold combinations defined the first half of the season. In the second half of the season, we have seen a tweak to the Sparky uniform combination, the best overall uniform in college football in 2017 in the Tillman inspired Brotherhood uniforms, the Whiteout, and now a nice bit of creativity in using what the staff already has on hand in this week’s black/white/black combination.

It is nothing short of refreshing to be able to see Jerry Neilly and Company flex their uniform muscles and hit their stride at the end of this 2017 campaign. In an up and down year on the field, it makes things much more fun for us uniform watchers as the season draws to an end.

As mentioned earlier in the article, the Devils last wore this color combination on the road against USC in 2014, however the decal on the helmet was a traditional gold pitchfork with maroon trim and the black helmet had a semi-gloss finish that only appeared during the 2014 season. This year’s black pitchfork with chrome trim detailing truly pops off of the matte helmet, as we already know from how great it looked earlier this season against Washington.

I look forward to watching to see if the Sun Devils can exorcise the demons of playing Reser Stadium against the Beavers, but I am also very much looking forward to seeing this sharp uniform combination on the field.

Fantasy Combo of the Week

This week’s Fantasy Combo comes to us from Quinton “Q” Brown, who you can follow on Twitter at @ShirtlessQ. Q’s fantasy combo is a road uniform white helmet/white jersey/gold pant combo. The white helmet has a large gold pitchfork with maroon trim on one side of the helmet and maroon player number decals on the other. The helmet also has a maroon PT*42 bumper and a maroon facemask. The white jersey features black Arizona State text across the chest and maroon trim on the sleeves. It also has maroon numbers outlined with gold. The gold pants have a gold pitchfork with maroon trim on the left thigh. The arm bands are white and the leg bands are black. The gloves are a white base with maroon accents. The cleats are white with gold accents and the socks white as well. Thank you, Q for submitting such a sharp, never before seen combination!

If you would like to submit a Fantasy Combo of the week to me, please visit thedevilswear.com and take a screen cap or save the link to your final product and send them to me by tweeting me at @ASU_Uniformity or @sundevilcole7.

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