Jessica Parsons' Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

(Source: Jessica Parsons) (Source: Jessica Parsons)
(Source: Jessica Parsons) (Source: Jessica Parsons)
Jessica Parsons Jessica Parsons

Those of you who know me know that I'm not much of a chef. But I do love me some chocolate. I have a huge sweet tooth! And, what are the holidays without a few sweets and chocolate goodies?

As a kid, every year, my mom would bake home-made cookies, along with chocolate covered pretzels for Christmas. The salty and sweet hand-held dessert became my all-time favorite. So, of course, I had to learn to recreate that and pass down the tradition to my son. But, I had to add my own twist. For me, it's all about the sprinkles. 

I'm excited to share my easy-as-pie recipe and would love nothing more than for you to include it in one of your family traditions. 

1-2 bags of salted pretzels-long rods
1-2 bags of salted pretzels (minis or large) 
1 block of bakers chocolate 
1 block of white chocolate bakers chocolate 
(You can also use semisweet chocolate chips.) 
Sprinkles of your choice in a variety of colors and shapes (Go nuts here!) 
Parchment paper or foil 

Warm the white chocolate bakers chocolate and the chocolate bakers chocolate in two separate pans on low heat. You can even microwave it. But it dries fairly quickly, so make sure to re-microwave as needed or keep that heat on low.  

Drizzle the chocolate onto the pretzels of your choice. This is where you can get creative. You can use the white chocolate as a base with dark chocolate drizzles on top or vice versa. And then, before the chocolate dries, sprinkle any sprinkles of your choice liberally over the top. To me, the more the better.

As you are drizzling the chocolate with a spoon and/or dunking pretzels in the warm chocolate, use the parchment paper or foil to place the pretzels to allow to dry. It only takes a few minutes.   

Note: The chocolate dries fairly quickly so it's helpful to have your kids or spouse nearby to join in. It's also always more fun when you can do it together as a family. And, this is such an easy recipe, that children of all ages can participate.

I hope you find this recipe to be as tasty and as much fun to create as I do.

Happy Holidays!    

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