Ghost sighting? Irish school claims haunting with video evidence

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(Source: Deerpark CBS) (Source: Deerpark CBS)

Do you believe in ghosts? One school in Ireland wants you to.

Deerpark CBS in Cork, Ireland, released a video they claim is a ghost sighting at their school.

A month ago, they shared a creepy (if real--more on that later) video of doors and lockers slamming.

The newest release from Deerpark is even creepier.

A chair in the background elevates several feet in the air, a poster is thrown across the room, and a chair slides across the hallway.

So you can see, but do you believe?

Fact-checker Snopes shared their thoughts with a definitive "FAKE."

"People have suggested that we’ve used a green screen or edited someone out. I wish our school had these types of resources," Deerpark principal Aaron Wolfe told TODAY.

What do you think--real or fake?

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