2017 Uniformity – Week 11: ASU Football bringing Whiteout to the Rose Bowl

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By Cole Streeper

The Sun Devils will travel to Pasadena to take on UCLA in the Rose Bowl this week.

A Week in Review

After a setback against USC, the Sun Devils have once again found themselves in the win column as they defeated Colorado last week. It was an exciting win with an inspired comeback effort that displayed a great amount of heart. That effort seems as if it could’ve been derived directly from the spirit of the incredible uniforms the Devils wore last week. After trailing most of the game, ASU dug deep late in the second half and played with the heart of Pat Tillman and all of the Sun Devil football players that have served in the military which that uniform was honoring.

For those that didn’t know that the Sun Devils were going to be wearing the Brotherhood uniform, or what it was going to look like, it may have come as quite a surprise to see a tan Sun Devil team on the field, but even then, the symbolism and execution of the uniform should have been enough to make them fall in love with it. The tan uniform which accented by the maroon and gold typeface from the 1996 ASU Football uniforms along with the tan, desert camo helmet are the most noticeable features of this Salute to Service combination. Along with those noticeable aesthetics, the Ranger helmet bumper on the front and the Army Ranger motto Sua Sponte on the back are all inspired directly by Pat Tillman. However, this uniform was so much more. This was about all Sun Devil football players in the history of the program that also served in the military, as they were honored by being named on the back of the helmet. Ultimately, this uniform was about honoring all servicemen and women. Pat Tillman was the inspiration, and the uniform was the vehicle to bring attention to honoring current and former military.

In honoring the armed forces, the Sun Devils looked incredible. It was striking to see the team on field. It truly looked like Colorado was lining up across from a military platoon. The maroon and gold jumped off the uniform and gave it an ASU identity. The Brotherhood uniform is, to date, the single best uniform in Arizona State Football program history. Jerry Neilly and the Sun Devil Football Equipment staff have officially set the bar, and the country took notice. The uniform received airtime on ESPN and the #1 spot in UNISWAG’s weekly uniform rankings. I have to go above the standard grading procedures to give this uniform its due honor. Well done, ASU.

Brotherhood Uniform: A++

The Week to Come


Could the winds be changing? After being handcuffed for the first half of the season, it seems the Sun Devil Football Equipment staff has had a little creative freedom of late. First, they switched up the gold pants to maroon for the Sparky uniform on Homecoming, which isn’t much, but it’s enough for those who look for that kind of thing. Then, they wore the Brotherhood uniforms this past week. Now, instead of the classic gold/white/maroon uniform, the Sun Devils are wearing a Whiteout combination as they visit UCLA this Saturday.

The white jersey features “Arizona State” in black Sun Devil Bold font across the chest. The nameplate on the back of the jersey also utilizes the black Sun Devil Bold font. On the front of the jersey near the left shoulder is a maroon Adidas logo, near the right shoulder is a maroon and gold Pac-12 shield, and at the base of the collar is the black PT*42 shield in honor of ASU Football legend, Pat Tillman. The maroon player numbers are outlined in gold on both the front and back of the jersey and the white pants have a prominent black pitchfork with gold trim on the left thigh.


This week’s white helmet matches that of the helmet worn during last year’s Whiteout uniform game against Colorado. The white helmet features a large, chrome maroon pitchfork decal on the right side of the helmet and white player number decals outlined in chrome maroon on the left side on the helmet. The helmet features a white facemask and a front bumper that reads PT*42 in honor of Pat Tillman. On the back of the helmet are a maroon and white Pac-12 shield, maroon outlined state of Arizona with a maroon pitchfork over the city of Tempe, and an ASU Sunburst decal that reads “Frank Kush” above the sunburst and “Builder of Champions” below it. On the rear bumper are two small Sparky decals on either side.


After wearing themed cleats for the Brotherhood uniform last week, the Sun Devils will again wear white cleats this week. The white, low top Adi-Zeros will be worn by the lighter, speed position players like wide receivers and the defensive secondary. They feature a metallic gold plating on the sole of the cleat and maroon accents. The Adidas Freak mid-tops will be worn by heavy, speed players like linebackers and tight ends. They too have metallic gold plating on the sole, but also boast gold accented toes and maroon accents. Finally, the Adidas Freak high tops will be worn by linemen on both sides of the ball, as they provide a great deal of support for the pressure and torque that the larger players put on their ankles and feet. The Freak high tops also have a gold accent that begins at the toe, but continues and is the dominant color of the sole. There is a small metallic gold plate accent on the bottom of the shoe as well. Just as with the other two shoe styles, the Freak high tops have maroon accents.


The Sun Devils wore military inspired gloves last week as well, but will also be switching back to all white this week for the Whiteout combination. As with the cleats, there are different gloves for different positions. In both pictures, the gloves on the bottom are Adi-Zeros and they feature a white pitchfork with maroon trim which can be seen when the two palms are placed together. The gloves on the top left are Adidas Freaks, worn by larger skill position players such as linebackers and tight ends. The gloves on the top right are Adidas Freak-Max, which boast extra padding on the heel of the palm for all of the contact that linemen endure throughout the course of a game.


There may be a slight change in the winds here in the second half of the season. This Whiteout is breaking the trend of going only traditional on the road and it is a thing of beauty as this Storm Trooper uniform, as it is affectionately called, is a fan favorite as far as road combos go.

Admittedly, this is not my favorite combination, as it leaves a lot to be desired in the ways of color, but the white is clean and sleek looking and it is truly impossible to dislike. On top of that, when one thought one would not see this combination at all this season, one gets excited, and I’m excited. Do not let it be lost on you, the reader, that the Sun Devils wore all white when they clinched the Pac-12 South at the Rose Bowl against UCLA in 2013. Rumors swirl, and there is such of superstition behind the scenes that brought about this uniform combination, which leaves the remainder of the season a exciting proposition in the uniform game. This will be a great look, and perhaps we will have a couple more creative looks to come.

Fantasy Combo of the Week

This week’s Fantasy Combo comes to us from Levi McInnis, who you can follow on Twitter at @SunDevilEdits. Levi’s fantasy combo is a road uniform white helmet/white jersey/gray pant combo. The white helmet has a large gold pitchfork with maroon trim on one side of the helmet and maroon player number decals on the other. The helmet also has a gold PT*42 bumper and a maroon facemask. The white jersey features black Arizona State text across the chest and maroon trim on the sleeves. It also has maroon numbers outlined with gold. The gray pants have a gold pitchfork with maroon trim on the left thigh. All arm or leg bands are white and the gloves are a white base with maroon accents. The cleats are white with golwhited accents and the socks white as well. Thank you, Levi for submitting such a clean look!

If you would like to submit a Fantasy Combo of the week to me, please visit thedevilswear.com and take a screen cap or save the link to your final product and send them to me by tweeting me at @ASU_Uniformity or @sundevilcole7.

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