Phoenix gym offers treatment for chronic pain, sleeplessness, insomnia

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COR owner Kiki Cordero works some PEMFT magic on Arizona's Family photojournalist Arnold Espinoza.(Source: 3TV/CBS 5) COR owner Kiki Cordero works some PEMFT magic on Arizona's Family photojournalist Arnold Espinoza.(Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

If you suffer from chronic pain, sleeplessness or anxiety, there’s a non-surgical treatment based on NASA technology that’s available in Phoenix. It’s called pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Javier Soto went to COR to check it out. Kiki Cordero owns the place.

“This is not electricity. It’s electromagnetic frequency,” she explained. “It finds dormant nerve endings and it finds areas where you’re blocked – where you have pain and inflammation – and it opens them up. It works on a cellular level to actually recharge your cells and recharge your body to take pain away and put energy back in, essentially.”

[WATCH: What is pulsed electromagnetic field therapy?]

The technology is not new. NASA created it about 30 years ago enhance growth and repair tissue in mammals and reduce the bone loss and degeneration astronauts experience in space.

Cordero said the procedure, which uses a device called Electrons Plus, does not really hurt, comparing it to when you’re in serious pain and get a massage. There can be some mild transient discomfort, but the results, she says, are worth it.

"With Electrons Plus, the practitioner can use their hands to guide an electromagnetic pulse field (PEMF) into the patient’s body, thereby stimulating the healing process," according to the Electrons Plus website. 

“It’s gonna increase that circulation in your body. It’s gonna take out that inflammation in your body,” she said. “It’s actually gonna put you in a parasympathetic state so it gives you an overall calm from head to toe.”

According to Cordero, the treatment is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for anxiety, depression and bone fractures.

In the simplest terms, PEMF “wakes everything up” and “allows your body to move functionally again.”

“We most commonly use it for chronic pain, sleeplessness, focus/lack of focus and honestly, it keeps your pH balance so high that it alkalizes your bloodstream so it can help you fight off any sort of infection or cold,” Cordero continued.

The 30-minute treatment starts with the fingertips and the moves to the neck. That often does the trick for most people, Cordero said, but the therapist can work on other muscle groups if needed.

Arizona’s Family photojournalist Arnold “The Arm” Espinoza, who has been having trouble with his shoulder and had a severely limited range of motion, gave PEMFT a try.

“We see this every day,” Cordero said. “People live with pain and they’re used to it and they don’t want to get surgery. They think that’s the only option. We’re giving them another option to overcome their pain, avoid surgery and have a better quality of life.”

Cordero said working on Espinoza was a challenge, but he showed us a significant improvement in his range of motion after that first treatment.

“I do feel some relief in it for sure,” he said rubbing his right shoulder.

[WATCH: Arnold "The Arm" Espinoza puts PEMFT to the test]

“I am confident that in the next one or two sessions, we can blast through it and allow him to live normally with his proper range of motion again,” Cordero said.

Cordero is offering a special to introduce people to PEMF – $35 for the first session.

COR is located inside Black Rock Bouldering Gym at 10436 N. 32nd Street in Phoenix. For more information, call 602-843-2724.

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