Older iPhone acting up? New iPhone not to blame

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Have you noticed anything wrong with your iPhone lately? There are stories on social media about weird characters popping up when you type or apps not loading properly.

First of all, there's no conspiracy at work. Your older iPhone isn't acting up because Apple programmed it to do so just when a new iPhone is introduced. The timing of some of these problems may seem odd, but there is a good reason.

Some iPhone users have been complaining online about their devices not working so well all of a sudden.

"It was just not connecting, it was just not playing music correctly, all the apps were kind of just crashing on me," iPhone user Edgar Carrasco said.

"So, I have an iPhone 7 and some of my emojis and some of my characters are not showing up property," iPhone user Pedro Silva said.

"What's wrong with my old phone," Tishin Donkersley said.

Donkersley is the Managing Editor for Tech.co Media. She says the problems popping up are not a scheme from Apple to get you to upgrade to the new iPhone X.

"The problems consumers are experiencing with their iPhone is normal," Donkersley said.

She says developers are updating their apps to compensate for all the new features available on the latest iPhone which means they may not work as well on your older phone.

"So, what users are going to see, is as those apps are upgraded, it will tax your older hardware," Donkersley said.

Another problem many are experiencing, when they type the letter "I' it comes up as an "A" with a funny symbol next to it. Donkersley says that's just an Apple IOS software bug.

"Well, there's a solution to this, you can fix this problem," Donkersley said.

Just go to:
-Text Replacement
-Tap the "+" sign
-For "phrase" type in an uppercase "I"
-For "shortcut" type in a lowercase "i"

The strange predictive text bug appears to be affecting devices running on IOS 11.0 or 11.1 but the fix above should eliminate the problem.

And to avoid still another problem we've been hearing, battery drain, make sure "background app refresh" is turned off in settings after your update your software.

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