3 On Your Side: Most viewed stories of 2017


Below are the 20 most viewed 3 On Your Side stories of 2017.  

20. Disappointed cruise passenger wants full refund

A Valley woman and her friend paid $7,000 for an 11-day Caribbean trip.  Before the cruise embarked, though, most of the islands were devastated by several hurricanes.  The cruise line said the trip was still on and refused to give the woman and her friend a refund.

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19. Enterprise Rent-A-Car denies $13K stolen car claim

A Phoenix man thought buying optional insurance offered for his rental car would be a good idea. But when that car was stolen, he says the insurance denied the claim and now he's going to be out nearly $13,000.

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18. Valley man says his account was wiped for $2,600 for watercraft rental

A Valley man says his account was wiped for $2,600 for a watercraft rental on Lake Powell.  3 On Your Side found multiple complaints lodged against the rental company.

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17. Phoenix woman shocked by $1,700 water bill

A Phoenix woman says the City of Phoenix sent her a $1,700 water bill for the first month she was at her new home.  That is enough water to fill up 16 pools.  The City agreed to take $100 off the bill. 

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16. Consumer alert: Watch where you place a popular car air freshener

An Arizona woman put an air freshener she got from a car wash on her dashboard.  In less than 24 hours, that air freshener had caused her dashboard to bubble up. While the air freshener's site clearly states they should be put under the seat, this woman didn't know that and wanted to warn other drivers of the dangers.

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15. Valley woman says she's denied $1,300 refund despite 'full refund' policy

A Valley woman caved and spent $1,300 at one of those mall kiosks. She snapped a picture of a sign that said, "Refund or Exchange within 30 days with receipt." 3 On Your Side got that money back for this woman. 

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14. Unlicensed contractor charged with felonies

3 On Your Side was there when an unlicensed contractor accused of duping victims out of thousands of dollars was arrested and hauled off in handcuffs. 

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13. Viewer loses battle to cancer and unlicensed contractor

This story is one that will make your blood boil.  Gary Harper confronted an unlicensed contractor who took $15,000 from a woman with cancer.   The woman died in her own house looking at the mess left behind by this guy.  

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12. Glendale couple says gym charged them for personal training they never signed up for

Glendale couple signed up for a membership at a new gym near them.  The couple says the gym then charged them for personal training sessions they didn't agree to.  After 3 On Your Side got involved, the couple was issued a full refund.

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11. Kohl's refuses to refund customer's $1,500 overpayment

A valley man overpaid his Kohl's credit card by $1,500.  Kohl's initially gave them a credit instead of a refund. After 3 On Your Side got involved, Kohl's issued a refund for the overpayment.  

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10. American Airlines employees are 'itching' over new uniforms

American Airlines rolled out new uniforms in 2016 and it wasn't long before employees started complaining of rashes.  The Association of Professional Flight Attendants tells 3 On Your Side that nearly 10 percent of the 26,000 American Airline flight attendants "had reactions that are suspected to be caused by the uniforms."

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9. Banks are cracking down on 'credit card churning'

Have you ever opened a credit card just to take advantage of a special offer, and then never used the card?  It's called churning.  Banks don't like that and have started implementing new policies.

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8. New parents stuck with $1,127 medical bill

This is becoming all too common.  A valley couple thought they were doing the right thing.  They went to a hospital in their health insurance network and used an OBGYN that was also in their network. But months after the birth of their daughter, they received a bill for three doctors who assisted in the delivery but weren't in their insurance's network.  

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7. Can your HOA issue you a speeding ticket?

Gary Harper profiles a man in Sun Lakes who received a speeding ticket from his HOA.

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6. Peoria homeowner paints 'middle finger' on house; neighbors outraged

Gary Harper talks to a man who painted a giant middle finger on the front of his garage because of an ongoing feud with his neighbors that started 20 years ago. 

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5. Sun City woman disappointed with online dating service

A 3 On Your Side viewer says finding a compatible mate is kind of tricky and that's why she thought a dating service would make it a little easier, but nearly three months later and $3,800, she says she hasn't gone on one date yet.

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4. Hurricane Harvey cars may 'flood' Arizona

Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston and left nearly a million vehicles with water damage.  3 On Your Side gave you step-by-step instructions on how avoid buying one of these cars. 

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3. Did you get a 'free cruise' robocall? You may be eligible for $900!

A marketing group for three major cruise lines randomly called customers without consent and tried to sell them a trip.  A class-action lawsuit was settled and consumers were entitled to $300 a call for up to three calls. 

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2. Valley reality TV star says she was duped for $175,000

Reality TV star Kira Girard says an unlicensed contractor did shoddy work that not only had to be redone but also could have caused a fire.  3 On Your Side confirmed this unlicensed contractor used license numbers belonging to three legitimate and reputable contracting companies.  

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1. Phoenix-area residents band together after being duped out of thousands for barn doors

Numerous Valley residents say a convicted felon who promised custom-made barn doors for a fraction of the price took their money and ran.  3 On Your Side confirmed this guy has an arrest warrant out of Colorado for violating his probation.  

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With more than 20 years of television experience, Gary has established himself as a leader in the industry when it comes to assisting viewers and resolving their consumer-related issues. His passion and enthusiasm have helped him earn an Emmy for Best Consumer Reporter from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He’s also garnered several Emmy nominations

He has negotiated resolutions with companies of all sizes, including some of the biggest corporations in the nation.

Gary has successfully recouped more than $1 million for viewers around the state, making 3 On Your Side one of the most popular segments on KTVK and the station's Web site.

He's best known for investigating and confronting unscrupulous contractors. In fact, many of his news reports have led to police investigations and jail time for those who were caught. Viewers, as well as the companies and people he investigates, regard him as consistently being thorough and fair.

Gary has been with KTVK-TV since 1997. Prior to his arrival in Phoenix, he worked for WZZM-TV in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he was as an anchor and reporter.

Gary is from Chicago, but launched his television career in Lubbock, Texas, after earning a broadcast journalism degree from Texas Tech University. Following his graduation, he was quickly hired by KLBK-TV in Lubbock, where he enterprised and broke numerous exclusive reports. His aggressive reporting in Texas helped garner him Best Reporter by the Associated Press.

Gary has been married since 1994 and is the proud father of two sons. When he's not helping viewers, Gary is busy catching up on his favorite college and professional football teams as well as cheering on his beloved Texas Tech Red Raiders.

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