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Motivational Monday: We're getting smart at Smart Gym: XGT Fitness

No more excuses! If you think fitness has to be expensive, think again. For this Motivational Monday, we're getting smart with our workouts at Smart Gym. Here, not only do they use the latest technology and fitness equipment to enhance your physique, but they'll also do it for less than $10 per month. 

Smart Gym where they offer strength and conditioning classes called XGT. It's a type of group training developed for special forces and professional athletes where you'll be coached through high levels of intensity, to enhance your body's function and mobility, while you're burning calories and chiseling lean muscle

  •   SG Believes Fitness/Programs for clients are unique like a Fingerprint and should be personalized training program
  •   Utilizing the latest and greatest Technology and Fitness Equipment to enhance fitness
  •   Believe in the S.M.A.R.T Principle Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timed
  •   Smart Gym provides members options for Personal training/Nutritional Counseling TO ALL Members Fee based and FREE options.  
  •   Training Options, Movements, Multi-dimensional for Function, Mobility, weight management, proper movement for results. 

For more information:  

Smart Gym Locations:
4901 S. Arizona Ave Chandler, AZ 85248
(480) 493-3407

Park West Shopping Center 
9736 W. Northern Ave. Peoria, AZ 85345
(480) 493-3408

East Thunderbird Square 
13802 N. Scottsdale Rd. Suite #142 Scottsdale, AZ 85254
(480) 824-9013

Lincoln steakhouse opens at JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort & Spa

Lincoln, a JW Steakhouse located at JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort & Spa, introduces a modern American steakhouse menu boasting hand-cut Prime and Wagyu butcher's steaks perfectly seared at 1200° in the Valley's only Josper Charcoal Oven, which is fired by extremely high-heat hardwood charcoal that creates a unique crust to lock in flavor and tenderness. 

For more information:

Chimichurri Sauce Recipe:

  • Curly Parsley, 1 bunch finely chopped
  • Cilantro, 1 bunch finely chopped
  • Red Onion, finely diced
  • Red Pepper flakes, 2 tablespoons
  • Garlic, 2 cloves, finely minced
  • Olive Oil, 1½ cup
  • Red Wine Vinegar ½ cup
  • Sea Salt
  • Milled Pepper

1. Combine all ingredients except red wine vinegar.
2.Add Red Wine Vinegar at moment of service to keep herb color.

Lincoln, A JW Steakhouse
JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort & Spa
5402 East Lincoln Drive, Scottsdale, 85253
Phone: (480) 905-7979

Last minute costumes for your Halloween celebration  

Halloween is just one day away, and if you're a procrastinator Easley's Fun Shop has you covered. It started out as a small magic shop, but 68 years and four generations later, Easley's has become the destination for year-round stage makeup, costumes and rentals. 

Thousands of costumes available for sale and rent. Long-running family-run source for stage makeup as well as costume sales & rentals. They won't run out of costumes ever!  

For more information:

Easley's Fun Shop
509 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85003
7th Ave & McDowell
(602) 271-9146

Unhealthy habits that could be making you sick

Do you take your phone into the bathroom? How about ordering a lemon wedge with your water? Dr. Sharon Thompson shares a list of the things to look out for.

We're all guilty of taking our phone into the bathroom - heck, some of us can't even consider going to the loo without our phone in tow.

Well, you need to stop doing that right now!

According to a report released by The Sun, touching your phone between using the toilet and washing your hands can leave germs all over your mobile device, which is then transported with you everywhere - your desk at work, your children's fingers, the dinner table! Anywhere you place your phone after taking it to the bathroom, harmful germs are being left. 

Dr. Paul Matewele, microbiologist at London Metropolitan University says, 'Touching your phone between using the toilet and washing your hands is a very bad idea. Toilet seats, handles, sinks and taps are covered in germs such as E. coli, which can cause urinary tract infections and intestinal illness, C. diff which can result in diarrhea and Acinetobacter which can cause a contagious respiratory infection.' 

According to Dr. Matewele, phones are particularly dangerous because we carry them everywhere, touch them constantly and have them out on the table while we eat. 

If you MUST take your phone into the ladies', wash your hands thoroughly and give the phone a clean with an antibacterial wipe. 

You're better off staying home: the average hotel room may be teaming with grossness

The bad: 

  • Hotel bathrooms in one study had between 320,007 colony-forming units (CFU) to 2,534,773 CFU per square-inch (the average household bathroom had 452 bacteria per square inch) 
  • Hotel remotes, had 232,733 CFU per square-inch- 2,002,300 CFU per square-inch. (The average household remote has a bacterium count of 17,000 per square inch)
  • Sheets are swapped out, and so are pillowcases. But some hotels don't bother to change their comforters
  • The couch: Think about all the things that can happen on a couch, and then think about all the times you've ever actually washed a couch
  • One report, by ABC News, found urine stains in every single room they sampled regardless of a hotel's price or rating  

The good:

  • If you're reasonably healthy or not too young or too old, chances are your body does a good job of fighting off nasty bacteria on its own
  • Simple things like washing your hands can really take away the worry
  • Most bacteria are in areas that are very easy to wipe with a disinfectant wipe or with hand sanitizer
  • Remember there is bacteria everywhere you go

Beware the lemon wedge: Ordering a lemon wedge for your water or soda may be hazardous to your health or at least gross you out

The bad: 

  •  Researchers swabbed the rinds and flesh of 76 lemons from 21 restaurants collected during 43 visits 
  •  70%of them produced microbial growth
  •  Several of the types of bacteria are known to cause human disease 

The good: 

  •  Lemons have known antimicrobial properties
  •  The study was done in 2007 and has not be replicated
  •  You can make yourself feel better by assuming things have changed for the better

Feel a Sneeze coming on?

The bad:

  •  When you cough or sneeze, you see the droplets, (or feel them if someone sneezes on you)
  •  What you don't see is the cloud of smaller particles that can travel five to 200 times further than those droplets. 
  •  The cloud of small droplets from a sneeze can travel up to 26 ft. (8m) for a sneeze and up to 20 ft. (6m) for a cough 
  •  Depending on the environmental conditions, droplets can hang around in the air for up to 10 minutes

The good:

  •  You can prevent the spread of your germs by covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze
  •  Use the inside of your elbow, which you are less likely to use to touch something else later

What's between your sheets?

In a 2014 survey, one in ten people admitted that they used the same sheets for an entire month, about 35% of all adults regularly go two weeks without washing their sheets, only one third of the participants claimed to wash their sheets on a weekly basis.

The bad:

  •  Bed sheets and pillows have skin cells, bacteria, animal dander, pollen, soil, lint, finishing agents of whatever the sheets are made from,  coloring material, spores of fungi, and all the body fluids including sweat, sputum and others.

The good:

  •  Your immune system protects you from getting sick from most of these
  •  Washing your linens once weekly will keep critter growth at a minimum

And then there is Defect Levels Handbook." 

  •  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) establishes levels of natural or unavoidable defects in foods that present no health hazards for humans
  •  They set limits for naturally occurring contaminants that are unaesthetic but in most cases not hazards to public health. When these levels  are exceeded, FDA can and will take regulatory action.
  •  Levels are specific to a food or ingredient. 

To read the handbook, visit: 

Central Phoenix Obstetrics and Gynecology 
926 East McDowell Road, #134, Phoenix, AZ 85006
(602) 288-0777

Trevor Hall performs for us while on tour!

Hall's music, a blend of roots and folk music with hints of inspiration from India, has led him to a series of sold-out tours and collaborations with artists such as The Wailers, Matisyahu and Michael Franti. 

For more information:

3TV's Brandon Lee runs for Team Tillman in the NYC Marathon

You can help our 3TV's Brandon Lee raise money for military families. Brandon will be running for Team Tillman in the New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 5th. The money raised will help children of fallen soldiers attend college. Brandon's goal is to raise $5,000 and he is 97 percent there! Team Tillman, which consists of 16 people, including Brandon, has raised $53,279 as a group so far. 

To donate:

Healthy and fun Halloween snacks 

Master nutrionist Christina Jordan shows us how to make clementine pumpkins. banana ghosts and frankenstein apples with her son Axton. 

For more information:

4140 E Baseline Rd #101, Mesa, AZ 85206
Phone: (844) 537-2408

Queen of Clean: Shinning Silver

For more information visit Linda's website and Facebook page.