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Thursday, October 26, 2017


Wok Sticks 
For more information, visit, or call 480-999-4850.     

Rockin’ Hair
Contact Brenda at or call her directly at 602-819-1008 or visit

Fender Guitars  
For more information, visit, Twitter: @Fender, Instagram: @Fender, Facebook:  

Rock n’ Roll Style
For more information visit, follow @crispearlstein and @howdoyoufashion on social media or call (917) 435- 1415.

Rock Hard Abs w/ a Foam Roller
For more information on SheriAnne’s fitness tips visit or call 480-330-3763.  For more information about The Patagonian Expedition Race, visit 

Rock Bands with AZ Roots
For more music information from Beef Vegan from TMI on KWSS 93.9, visit

Rock Movies                        
For more information on Vique Rojas, send her an email at

For more information, visit,,, 

Flowers provided by God’s Garden Treasures 480-603-7673.   

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