The 2017 Phoenix Haunted House Guide

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There are some serious thrills and chills to be had this Halloween in the Phoenix area.  Haunted farms.  Creepy kids.  And zombies galore.

Haunted houses are a Halloween tradition that we hope never goes away, and the Valley has plenty to choose from. There are big professional productions and private homes that are all going to make your heart race a little faster.

Whether you’re in the mood for chasing zombies or having them chase you, we’re making it easier for you to find the best place that’s going to make you shake in your boots.

Here are some of the best haunted houses in Phoenix this year.

Fear Farm

This “haunted house” lives up to its name and it is not for the faint of heart. They are serious about scaring the living daylights out of people.

Maybe it’s because this place is outside on 27 acres of farmland and has hundreds of cast members lurking in the shadows, just waiting to jump out at you, or maybe it’s the zombies chasing you with running chainsaws with real blades. Whatever the reason, this place is terrifying.

There’s everything here that could possibly give you a heart attack. They’ve got scary clowns in a creepy carnival, aliens, and one of the largest corn field mazes in the Valley.

If you’re still alive after all the freakish things that might come at you from wherever, whenever, they’ve got carnival rides, live music, and food trucks. Good luck keeping anything down, though.

Dates: October 18-31, November 3-4
Times: Open from 7:30pm to 11pm
Tickets: $26.99-$33.99, “skip the line” tickets are $46.99

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The Crypt and the Asylum

Located near the Fiesta Mall, this event has everything you could want in a haunted house. The Crypt is indoors, and the Asylum and maze are both outside for that extra fear factor.

The Crypt is a funerary-themed creep show that has ghouls in abundance to frighten you. They’ll even fit you for a coffin, if you’d like.

If that doesn’t sound scary, check out the bloodbath next door at the Asylum. There are severed limbs, deranged inmates, and the creepy character Dr. Vantas who appears to run the show. None of them has a problem getting all up in your grill to give you a serious adrenalin rush.

Last, but not least, there’s the Chaos Maze to contend with. If you’re in the mood to have things jump out at you in a dark and lonely place that you can’t find your way out of, you’ll love it.

Dates: Open every night until October 31
Time: Gates open at 7pm
Tickets: $15 per haunt, $25 for all three, $35 for all three and a VIP Fast Pass

The 13th Floor

They don’t bother waiting for you to get in the door before they start trying to freak you out at this horror show. Ghouls and zombies stalk you while you wait in line. If you make it inside without running home to mommy, it really is one of the scariest attractions in Phoenix this Halloween.

The inside is glorious-looking and the makeup and costumes of the cast are the best around. To put it politely, they aren’t very kind. You might leave here with some trauma that will require counseling, or at the very least, make you afraid to be home alone for a few months.

They’ve got a maze that’s teeming with vampires, werewolves, and other nasties. There is also Zombieland, where you flee from mutants who are not afraid to grab you if you aren’t fast enough.

Dates: Nightly thru October 31
Time: Open from 7pm to 11pm
Tickets: from $26.99 to $33.99, “skip the line” tickets for $46.99

Zombie Warz

This isn’t so much a haunted house as it is a video game come to life. Zombie Warz is an interactive experience at Rawhide that puts you firmly into the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Fortunately, you’re armed at the entrance with weapons, so you should make it out alive. Every man, woman, and child receives a paint gun and paintballs for some zombie killing action.

There aren’t just a few zombies; there are hordes of them. Shoot at them while riding on the back of military trucks through the desert.

We’re not sure what will happen if you fail to shoot a zombie coming at you, so don’t miss, okay?

Dates: Every Friday and Saturday night thru Nov 4
Time: Open from 7pm
Tickets: online for $25(includes 200 paintballs), at event $29(includes 100 paintballs)


Chris Birkett’s Haunted Graveyard

Every Halloween Scottsdale resident Chris Birkett creates the best private home haunted house in the valley. He dedicates his front yard, garage, and backyard to his love for the holiday.

This one is a little less scary than some of the professional haunted houses in town, so it’s okay to bring the kids along. It does offer some fright, though.

If you’re claustrophobic, you might want to sit this one out. There are creepy, cramped hallways inside the garage that are reminiscent of the Haunted House at Disneyland, only smaller and more sinister.

Dates: October 27-31
Time: Open from 6:30 to 10pm
Tickets: Free admission (donations accepted)

Mount Mayhem

Do strange children frighten you? If so, then this home haunt created solely for the love of Halloween is going to make you seriously uncomfortable.

The family who owns this home has been turning their house into a favorite Valley Halloween attraction since 2009. Friends and family join the fear fest as “darklings,” refugees from an orphanage who’ve sworn to obey a nasty swarm of creatures called the Glomung.

This is another good one for the kids, but the blood curdling screams and weird kids popping out from nowhere might be a little too scary for small children.

Dates: October 26-29, October 31
Time: Open from 7 to 9:30pm
Tickets: free admission

Scarizona Scaregrounds

If you’re in the east valley, try out this new addition to Halloween. It’s a creepy carnival with live music, games, sideshow entertainers, music, food, and booze.

There are three haunted houses to choose from. One is a blackout course that is done in complete darkness and another is a bloody slaughterhouse filled with rotting corpses. If that’s not scary enough, you can shoot at zombies in their paintball course.

For those of you who prefer a calmer, less gory Halloween, you can play their live trivia game “Who’s Got Brains.” They’ve also got a beer and wine garden that you can hang out in and watch the terror from afar.

Dates: Now thru October 31
Time: Thursdays and Sundays + Halloween 7-10pm, Fridays and Saturdays 7-11:30.
Tickets: $22 per haunt. Check website for all-access prices and specials

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