Monday, October 23

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Phoenix Career Fair 

Over 1,000 jobs are up for grabs this Monday, October 23, 2017, at the Phoenix Career Fair at the Hilton Phoenix Airport - 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

The job fair will be open to all job seekers from 11 A.M.  2 P.M. A good portion of the featured companies will be hiring on the spot. Bring plenty of resumes and dress ready to interview. Attendance is free for job seekers. Job seekers are encouraged to arrive early to beat the crowd and can RSVP for free online at

Featured Companies Include: Arizona Federal Credit Union, Tucson Police Department, Coder Camps, CVS Health, Synergy Solutions, Wage Works, Safelite, Canyon State Institute, Northcentral University, Flight Attendant Prep Academy, Dignity Memorial, 24-7 In Touch, Randstad, PSCU, Sears, Truly Nolen, ESW, AZ DES, Service Corporation International Arizona @ Work and many more.

Phoenix Career Fair
Hilton Phoenix Airport 
2435 South 47. St., Phoenix, AZ 85034 

For information, visit,or call (520) 668-8646.

Revealing Hickman's new cage-free barn and where your eggs come from 

For this week, as we feature the best patio breakfast places in the Valley, it begs the question, do you know where your eggs come from? We're at Hickman's Family Farms this morning, showing you their new cage-free environment, inside roaming the barns with the chickens.  They also show us how the egg production and packaging facility works. 

Hickman's is expanding the cage-free facilities: 

  • The company's first cage-free facility opened in 2016
  • Hickman's Family Farms is four-generations strong having started in 1944
  • Hickman's has always prioritized sustainability both environmentally and socially.
  • The company is now using 100% PET recycled containers, the first egg company to do so
  • It takes about three bottles to make a 12-count egg container; preventing millions of bottles from ending up in a landfill. Every part of the package is 100% recyclable from eggshells to the paper label. 

For more information:

Hickman's Family Farms 
6515 Jackrabbit Trail, Buckeye, AZ 85326
Phone: 623-872-1120

National Pizza Month at Grimaldi's gets you discounted prices

There are more than 5 billion pizzas sold worldwide, but this month to satisfy that pizza craving, you can do it at Grimaldi's on the cheap. 

Grimaldi's Pizzeria is celebrating National Pizza Month by offering its traditional sixteen-inch cheese pizza for only $10! This offer is good all day - every Monday in October for guests who dine-in or place a carry-out order, expect third party delivery systems. 

For more information: and Facebook: 

Grimaldi's Pizzeria 
4000 N. Scottsdale Rd Ste. 105, Scottsdale AZ 85251
Phone: (480) 994-1100

Best breakfast patios in the Valley: Matt's Big Breakfast

If you're looking for "good eats" for breakfast and want to enjoy your meal outdoors with a view, then you have to stop by Matt's Big Breakfast in Tempe. There's a large patio area in Marina Heights, overlooking a green lawn and Tempe Town Lake. Thick cut bacon, fluffy pancakes with maple syrup, omelets and other faves are on the menu at Matt's Big Breakfast in Tempe. just like at their famous location in Downtown Phoenix. They serve breakfast all day. They also source ingredients locally.

For more information:

400 E Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85281
Hours: Open today · 6:30AM-2:30PM
Phone: (480) 967-5156

Motivational Monday: Scottsdale Boxing Club

We try 12-three-minute-high energy boxing rounds with a recent Iron Boy Champion Fidel Hernandez professional boxer at the Scottsdale Boxing Club. 

Fidel Hernandez, Professional Boxer and Boxing Coach of Scottsdale Boxing Club
After a 16-year layoff Fidel returned to the ring on October 14, 2017 and won with a TKO after 2 rounds in the Iron Boy 42 held at Celebrity Theater

  •     Motivational Mondays 12 rounds with a recent Iron Boy Champion Fidel Hernandez professional boxer!
  •     Wake up and start your day started right. 12 Rounds with Fidel is an amazing workout that includes 
  •     12 three-minute-high energy boxing rounds that will get your heart pumping and 
  •     1-minute active rest between each round. Get all your stress out on the bags before your day starts.  
  •     Boxing is an amazing full body workout that builds strength, endurance, and core stability.  For all levels of fitness.  
  •     You will learn from a professional boxer how to properly throw punches and build up speed of throwing different punching combinations.  
  •     Boxing is an empowering workout that will build your confidence and burn more calories than going for a run!

For more information:

Scottsdale Boxing Club
10810 N. 71st. Pl. Scottsdale, AZ.85254  
(480) 483-2898 
Hours:M-F 6am-7pm Saturday 7am-1pm Sunday 7am-11am

Queen of Clean: Halloween Clean Up

Rotten Pumpkin
A pumpkin sitting on a hard surface inside or outside, will most likely leave behind a moldy black stain as it decomposes. Many times, you won't notice it until it is too late.  To remove this mess, dampen a microfiber cloth with warm water and a squirt of white non-gel toothpaste, then rub it on the stain in small circles until it lifts. Once the stain is gone you will probably need to polish the area. A warning:  If the pumpkin has been sitting and molding for a long time, you may need to refinish the wood.
Preventing the problem is easy.  Sit your pumpkin on a plate or other container to keep it from staining wood or cement surfaces.

Carefully scrape off as much of the chocolate as possible without grinding the stain deeper into the fabric. Apply stain remover and wash. Wash again if necessary with fabric- or color-safe bleach. If you have a stubborn spot, wet the spot and work in some Fels Naptha Laundry Bar Soap and then sprinkle with Borax.  Work in well.  Launder as usual.

Lipstick and oil-based Halloween makeup
Dab a small amount of makeup remover or rubbing alcohol on inside seam to test the fabric for color-safeness. If the color hasn't changed after 10 minutes, use a washcloth to dampen the stain with remover or alcohol. Dab the stain with a dry paper towel until it no longer picks up any makeup. Treat with stain remover and wash in warm water. Re-treat and rewash if the stain remains.

Costume Makeup Smears on Car and Upholstery
Commercial carpet cleaner can remove costume makeup smears from a seat or carpet in a snap. Apply it using a microfiber cloth on a hidden spot first to see that the upholstery's color doesn't bleed. If nothing comes off onto your cloth, use it to blot (not rub) the stain away. 

Chewing gum  
Rub an ice cube over the stain until it freezes and hardens. Scrape off as much of the hardened gum as you can without rubbing it deeper into the fabric. Use Carbona Stain Devils for Gum according to directions.  Find this in the laundry spotter aisle.  They are small yellow bottles for different types of stains. Look for the one that says "gum".
Hair dye
For bleach-safe fabrics, soak the item in a mixture of ¼ cup chlorine bleach to a gallon of cold water. After 30 minutes rinse and wash. For other fabrics, replace the bleach with a cup of ammonia. Stretch the stained area over a bucket and pour solution onto it, then rise and wash.
To get any color staining out of hair, mix baking soda with your shampoo and wash well.

Silly String 
Resist the urge to pick at the hardened chunks of dried string. Instead, simply grab your water hose and spray it off, wetting the area above and below it first and then wetting the Silly String.  Follow that up by washing the areas on your house or car with soap and water using a microfiber towel.  

When it comes to paint, particularly on cars, eggs are a serious bummer.  Not only are the shells capable of causing scratches, the egg itself is corrosive and can cause permanent damage. Again, resist the urge to immediately scrub the area as you can cause further scratches to the paint, car or siding. Spray the car off with a water hose, making sure to spray off any little bits of shell you can see. On cars, if the egg has sat for any amount of time, you may need to use buffing or polishing compound and then re-wax the area. Egg left overnight on car paint can leave that portion of the paint discolored so deal with it as quickly as you can.

The fairies, princesses, and ballerinas who visited your home on their candy-collecting mission may have left behind a dusting of glitter notorious for hanging around months later. Rather than trying to wipe it away with a wet paper towel, swipe a lint roller anywhere you see sparkles.

For more information visit Linda's website and Facebook page.

Spooky cocktails just in time for Halloween

Halloween isn't just about the kids. For the adults, we've got you covered with some spooky cocktail ideas from speakeasy cocktail lounge, Honor Amongst Thieves. They'll also be hosting a Halloween Monster Mash and costume party, for adults only, this Sat. Oct 28th from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. 

The Halloween Monster Mash and Costume Contest will run from 10pm-2am featuring Halloween punch, several special cocktails, plus a costume contest at midnight.  Honor Amongst Thieves will be awarding the winner of the costume contest with $200 gift card to Stock & Stable and a bottle of Perrier Jouett Champagne, and 2nd place will receive a $100 gift card to Stock & Stable. 

For more information:

Honor Amongst Thieves
5538 N. 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Halloween Monster Mash
Saturday, October 28
Costume contest, Halloween cocktails, and more.