Quidditch is very much a real sport

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The world of Harry Potter has captivated millions for years. Beginning with the books then onto the films, it's a popular series. And that's why it's no surprise that something within the books has become a reality.

The sport played in the series, Quidditch, has become a real sport.

Sure, those playing it aren’t actually flying around on brooms but they do their best to keep the spirit of the game intact. It's become such a popular sport, Arizona State has a varsity and junior varsity team that play in a league that includes around 130 teams from universities around the country.  

The team at ASU is considered to be the best in the western region.

The teams travel from state to state, going to places like LA and Florida.  

Quidditch has been around for more than a decade in the real world and it did have some growing pains. First, players used real brooms and wore caps. Well, that doesn’t really work well in the real world so the broom has been replaced with a PVC pipe for better comfort.

Also, it is not really practical for the seeker to chase the snitch all over campus.  

So, what does it look like? Well, when you look at a team, you have the keepers who guard the hoops. The beaters.. using bludgers play defense.

Chasers, they score goals using a quaffle and the seeker chase after the snitch.

 In the books and movies the snitch is a small flying ball but in real life is a person wearing gold shorts with a ball hanging from their backs and the seekers have to try and grab it off the snitch.

The sport is so popular that its getting sponsorship and you can even get official Quidditch gear.  Link: https://www.petersonsbrooms.com

ASU’s Quidditch team: http://www.asuquidditch.com

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