New surveillance video shows Tempe carjacking before Malzahn arrest

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Surveillance video Surveillance video
Surveillance video Surveillance video
We have confirmed that Charlie Malzahn is the stepson of Williams Police Chief Herman Nixon. (Source: Flagstaff Police Department, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and Arizona Department of Corrections) We have confirmed that Charlie Malzahn is the stepson of Williams Police Chief Herman Nixon. (Source: Flagstaff Police Department, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and Arizona Department of Corrections)

A former security guard is sharing a video that he says shows a man suspected in the disappearance of a Glendale teacher in the middle of a Tempe crime spree. 

The security guard, who wanted to remain anonymous, was on duty at a student housing complex October 8, when he says surveillance video captured Charlie Malzahn carjacking a young woman.

“He was not wasting any time whatsoever,” says the former security guard. “And it did not look like he had any second thoughts of trying to hurt somebody if he had to.”

The driver of the dark-colored car says she had refused repeatedly to hand her keys to the man, she believes, was Malzahn. 

“He was holding up a steel expandable baton and he said I’m so sorry but I need you to give me your keys,” says ASU student Shannon McCrea. “Then he said 'give me your keys or I’m going to bash your face in.'”

[RAW VIDEO: Security camera captures carjacking in Tempe]

Video provided by the former security guard shows the carjacker hopping in her car and driving away. 

Malzahn was arrested the next day in Phoenix after he was spotted driving Cathryn Gorospe’s car.  

Gorospe, a 44-year-old teacher, went missing Friday, October 6 after she bailed 27-year-old Malzahn out of jail in Coconino County.

Gorospe was believed to have been in a romantic relationship with Malzahn.

Meantime, the search continued for the teacher until remains believed to be hers was found in Mayer.

Flagstaff police Sgt. Cory Runge says Malzahn gave details and directions that led authorities to the area in Mayer where a body was found that was believed to be that of Gorospe. Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office and Flagstaff PD combined resources and found her remains on top of the ground Friday near a roadway on private property off Nugget Mine Road in Mayer.

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Sgt. Runge said Malzahn was cooperative when detectives asked him for information.

"Detectives had a conversation with him that was rational, it was reasonable. I didn’t see any information that would indicate to me that he may have any illness or disability to understand what was happening," said Sgt. Runge.

This case has since "been reclassified as a homicide," said Sgt. Runge. 

[RAW VIDEO: Flagstaff PD briefing on Cathryn Gorospe case]

DNA testing is underway, but Runge says that police firmly believe the individual will be identified as Gorospe. Authorities say the deceased person meets the physical description of Gorospe, including the clothing she was seen wearing the night of her disappearance.

"At this time we are awaiting DNA testing to verify with 100 percent certainty that it is, in fact, Cathryn Gorospe, but we're very certain that it will come out to be Cathryn," said Runge.

An autopsy has been completed in Yavapai County and determined the manner of death to be a homicide.

Right now, information is being withheld about how she died, but Sgt. Runge said she had severe injuries and the manner in which she died was violent. 

"Some of those details we do know. We don’t want to damage the case or the investigation or any witness statements that may come as a result to this so those details are being withheld."

"We are still trying to find the scene of the crime. It appears to be that that was a disposal site for her," said Runge. "She was disposed of in Mayer and some vegetation leads us to believe that she was murdered in a separate location and at this time, we’re trying to find the scene where this occurred," said Sgt. Runge.

Although no charges have been filed, "investigators are working closely with Coconino County Attorney’s Office regarding potential charges that may be alleged."

As for Malzahn? "He has not made any statements on motive. However he did leave us some statements that lead us to believe he is the primary suspect in this case," added Sgt. Runge.

Malzahn sits in jail on multiple charges in unrelated cases.

Here's a look at a timeline of his recent run-ins with the law:


Sunday, Aug. 20 

-Police say Charlie Malzahn carjacked his sister in Tempe and then drove her van to Williams. Police located the van and arrested Malzahn.

PDF: Williams Police Department report

Friday, Oct. 6  

- Glendale kindergarten teacher Cathryn Gorospe drives up north to bail Malzahn out of the Coconino County Jail. Photos from a surveillance camera show her walking into the building. Gorospe's roommate said Gorospe planned to return home with Malzahn that night.

Saturday, Oct. 7

-Police believe Malzahn contacted some acquaintances in Clifton Saturday morning "to try and get some drugs and a gun ...."  That afternoon, Tucson police made contact with Malzahn at the shopping mall in regard to some purchases he made with a woman's credit card.

Sunday, Oct. 8

-Gorospe's roommate reported her missing.

-Malzahn was accused of punching an ASU student in the face in her dorm room.

-Tempe police believed Malzhan then carjacked a woman in the area of Apache Boulevard and Rural Road at about 10 p.m. Police said he threatened her with what was believed to be a crowbar. That vehicle was later recovered.

Monday, Oct. 9

-Phoenix police arrested Malzahn in the early morning hours after spotting him in Gorospe's vehicle at about 1:30 a.m.


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