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Caramel Apple Spritzer


Recipe Courtesy of Nicole Brown owner of TheDukeTruck. 

Caramel Apple Spritzer- This is considered the drink of fall 

The combo of apple, vodka, moscato and sprite will have you giddy for cozy sweaters! While this would taste fine in a regular glass it is so much more fun to drink it out of an apple.

To make the apple cups: 
    Slice off the top of each apple with apple corer until you are ½ inch from the bottom
    Squeeze lemon juice inside the cup to prevent browning
    Dip rims of apple cups in caramel then coat in cinnamon Sugar

To Make Spritzer
     Combine moscato, green apple vodka and sprite … sir and pour into cups
    Pour into apple cups and serve

Spiced Moscow Mule

Mules are super popular and easy to make let's take on the classic mule with a twist… apple cider 

•    4 oz apple cider
•    3 oz ginger beer
•    2 oz voka
•    ½ oz lime juice
•    1 cinnamon stick
•    1 sprig fresh rosemary
•    2 slices apple
•    1 slice lime
•    In a mixing glass, stir together apple cider, ginger beer, Absolut, and lime juice.
•    Pour over a copper glass or mug filled with ice.
•    Garnish with cinnamon stick, rosemary, apple slices, and lime.

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