Dog with 6-pound tumor gets second chance

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Animal rescue workers say a dog looking for a home in Ohio has a heart of gold, but it wasn't his heart that landed him on the brink of being put down.

It was a tumor – a massive one. The tumor was so big, it dragged on the ground as he walked.

Now, thanks to some caring professionals and a long procedure, the pup is on the road to recovery.

"He's only a year, way too, way too young for a death sentence,” said Shari Wyenandt with Hart Animal Rescue.

One-year-old Clyde is alive despite his former owner's wishes. The four-legged friend was left at the Gallatin County Animal Shelter for dead.

"Literally dropped off, instructed to euthanize, then he turned away, turned around and walked away,” Wyenandt said.

Wyenandt said in Clyde’s short life he's been weighed down by a tumor - one that grew to weigh more than six pounds. She said the sweet pup has a heart of gold, but was neglected.

She can't understand why someone would let him be in this condition for so long.

"I mean he was in pain, dragging it, it was already rupturing from being drug on the ground,” she said.

Gallatin County Animal Shelter employees worked hard to find him a rescue and brought Clyde to County Animal Hospital in Mason for help.

"It's really sad, it's extremely sad,” Dr. Fidan Kaptan said.

Clyde’s tumor was removed after two hours of surgery. Now, he’s doing a lot of napping.

"The next step that we have for him is getting biopsy done - basically the biopsy will tell us a little bit better about the mass, what we're dealing with,” Kaptan said.

Clyde's recovery is hardly over and could include chemotherapy if they find cancer, but he has a chance - something more than he had before.

"With how sweet he is, he will have no problem finding a home,” Wyenandt said.

Rescue workers said donations would be helpful in paying for Clyde’s medical expenses.

Vets believe the tumor had grown for roughly six months.

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