2017 Uniformity – ASU football warm-up gear

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By Cole Streeper

With the Sun Devil on a Bye Week, there is no uniform news for the upcoming weekend, however there are a couple pieces of off-field gear that I’d like to share with you to quench your thirst for Sun Devil swag. A couple of warm-up tops will be the subject of this week’s short Uniformity. Enjoy!

Warm-Up Hoodies

There are two Adidas Climalite hoodies provided to the team this year, black and white.

The black hoodie has a short black zipper that runs from the base of the collar to the sternum. The chest features has a maroon pitchfork with gold trim on the left breast and a gold Adidas logo on the right. Gold colored “Sun Devils” text runs down the right arm sleeve in Sun Devil Bold font. On the back of the jersey, Jerry Neilly and the Sun Devil Football Equipment staff went the extra mile and added gold player numbers to customize the hoodies for each individual player.

The white hoodie is very similar with minor changes to the accents. It has a short white zipper that runs from the base of the collar to the sternum. On the front of the jersey, the pitchfork on the left breast is gold with maroon trim and the Adidas logo on the right is maroon. Just as on the black hoodie, “Sun Devils” runs down the right sleeve in Sun Devil Bold font, but the print is maroon rather than the gold print featured on the black. Jerry Neilly and crew also put player numbers on the back of the white hoodies, but added a little extra flair by outlining the maroon player numbers with a gold number outline.

The Adidas Climalite hoodies are lightweight and as warm-ups, are designed to regulate players’ body temperatures as they prepare for game time while also allowing for easy mobility. I included a close-up shot in the picture below to display the material’s texture.

Bonus Fun Fact

For those that don’t know, Arizona State has a new punter this season with the departure of stand-out punter Matt Haack to the NFL’s Miami Dolphins. The man that has taken over the punting duties hails from Australia. Punter Michael Sleep-Dalton boasts the impressive ability to kick with both feet being deemed “ambikickstrous.”

Sleep-Dalton’s helmet is unlike anyone else’s on the team. The flag of his native Australia accompanies the American flag on the back of his helmet. Take a look here:

Next Week

Keep an eye out for the regular edition of Uniformity as play resumes for the Sun Devils next week. Until then, enjoy another great weekend of college football as ASU enjoys its Bye Week.

Also, don’t forget, if you would like to submit a Fantasy Combo of the week to me, please visit thedevilswear.com and take a screen cap or save the link to your final product and send them to me by tweeting me at @ASU_Uniformity or @sundevilcole7.

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