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[STORY 1]  

Music fans around the world are mourning the death of the queen of soul, Ah-ree-tha Franklin.  She passed away at her home in Detroit where she had been battling pancreatic cancer.  Fans have been paying tribute to her outside her home, at her Hollywood Walk of Fame star in California, and at the Apollo Theater in New York City.  Franklin was 76.


A vandal is targeting the campaign signs of Rodney Glass man, but no one sure if that person if that person is a political opponent, a random prankster of a fan of the TV show Seinfeld.'  The person is removing the G and the L from the signs, leaving behind an inappropriate word.  Go to a-z family dot com or download the a-z family news app to see the defaced signs yourself.


Fry's grocery store in Scottsdale is testing out driver-less deliveries.  For a flat fee of five dollars and ninety five cents, customers in the 8-5-2-5-7 zip code can place their order and pick up their groceries curbside instead of dealing with the hassle of going inside.  Go to a-z family dot com or download the a-z family news app for more information on how the program works.


The Phoenix Zoo is giving a sneak peek of the new Wallace and Lad Moe memorial bench.  The bench won't officially be unveiled until next month and will feature Wallace sitting down, Lad Moe holding a  Lad Moe bag and Gerald on the far end of the bench.  Wallace and Lad Moe aired on C-B-S 5 for more than three decades, It was one of the longest running children's TV shows in American broadcasting.

[STORY 5 ]

With college football season just around the corner, A-S-U is implementing a no re-entry policy at Sun Devil Stadium.  That means A-S-U football fans who choose to leave the stadium at any point during the game will not be allowed back in unless they buy another ticket. Some fans are not happy with the new policy, saying they like to go out to their car and tailgate during halftime.  The Sun Devil's home opener is Saturday, September first.

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