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A winter storm is moving through Arizona, shutting down freeways and opening ski runs! Part of eye-seventeen just north of Camp Ver-day was closed Friday night because of heavy snow.  For the latest on the storm, the closures, and where to have fun in the snow, open the A-Z Family app


Breaking News Friday night from E-S-P-N, involving the U of A basketball coach Shawn Miller and the F-B-eyes ongoing investigation of corruption in college basketball. The report say F-B-Eye wiretaps intercepted a conversation between head coach Shawn Miller and an agent, arranging a payment of one hundred thousand dollars to a high school star to ensure he played for the wildcats



Also breaking Friday night: A-S-U police arrested a twenty-year-old man that they say was making threats against sun devil athletics.  The police would not get into specifics of the threat.  That suspect was arrested off campus

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Police have identified a 50-year-old man as the third of three people killed earlier this week in a shooting in a Phoenix neighborhood. A spokesman said Friday the victim was Manuel Francisco Rodriguez Himenez. Police earlier reported that 39-year-old Edward Hall-i-nan had been firing a rifle from his truck and was shot in a confrontation with arriving officers. He died from his injuries at a hospital


An inner-city Phoenix elementary school is fundraising online, so it can keep its school resource officer on campus. Wilson Elementary School was not selected to receive a state grant to fund an on-campus police officer for the next cycle. The Principal says money for the officer will run out in May unless it can raise one-hundred-and-five thousand dollars each year for the next two years. She says the school is in a high-crime area, making it vital for an officer to be on campus and she started a Go-Fund-Me page to raise money

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