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A van plows through a crowd of people in Canada, killing nine.  A man is in custody, accused of jumping the curb.  He was driving a rental truck.  People who saw the whole thing say it looked like the driver knew what he was doing

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A valley woman is behind bars for manslaughter. She told police a man beat her and stole her purse, so she ran him down with her car. He died. This all happened about 9 o’clock, Sunday night in Tall-i-sun.


Phoenix police say they've arrested a man who was shot after confronting an officer responding to an arson report. A Police spokesman says 48-year-old William Willis confronted them armed with a knife and handgun. Police say he ignored their commands and advanced on an officer who fired several rounds hitting him. Police later discovered Willis' handgun wasn't real

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Flagstaff's Office of Labor Standards says it received 17 complaints about the city's minimum wage in the first six months it was tasked with enforcing the wage law. The Arizona Daily Sun reports 12 cases were not investigated further because the complaint was received anonymously, did not follow up with supporting information, was outside the scope of the labor standards office, or did not represent a violation of the minimum wage law. Of the three investigations where employers were determined to have violated the law and were required to pay back-pay and damages, two were hotels


Recent showers temporarily relieved drought conditions in parts of the southwestern United States, but dry weather will persist through the summer. Forecasters said Monday a months-long drought is considered quote extreme unquote from southern California to central Kansas

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