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Truffled Deviled Eggs with Potato Chip Dust, Fried green tomatoes and Avocado Crab & Mango Toast


Recipe Courtesy of Executive Chef Dushyant Singh from the Camby Hotel in Scottsdale.

Truffled Deviled Eggs with Potato Chip Dust

 6 large eggs

¼ cup Mayonnaise

2 teaspoon Dijion mustard

1 teaspoon truffle oil

1 Idaho potato

2 tsp Sour cream



1. Start in cold water and pinch a hole in egg and cook for 14 minutes.

2. Shock egg in cold water and peel

3. Cut egg lengthwise and remove the yolk

4. Add all the ingredients to egg mixture and check for consistency. It must be creamy.

5, Slice potatoes very thin to make potato chips, crush the chips with panko

6. Add the chips to the egg first and fill it up with yolk mixture

7. Garnish with Chives and truffle salt

Fried Green Tomatoes

1 pint    Green cherry tomatoes

1 cup     Buttermilk

1tsp       Crack black pepper

1tsp       BBQ spice

1 tsp garlic powder

Flour Mixture

1 cup     AP flour

1cup      Potato Starch

1 cup  Corn Starch

1tsp       garlic powder

1 tsp      onion powder

1 tsp      thyme powder

Salt, black pepper, Cayenne

Preserved Lemon Aioli

2 each preserved lemons

1 each garlic clove

2 cups mayonnaise

1 each Lemon juiced


Mince preserved lemons with garlic and puree it with rest of the ingredients. Add Salt and pepper to taste.


1. Drain green tomatoes from butter milk, drench them in flour mixture. Fry them at 35o degree until crispy.

2. Toss them in BBQ spice and chopped parsley for garnish

3. Serve with Lemon Aioli

Avocado Crab & Mango Toast

Crab Salad

1# Jumbo Lump crab

1 cup mayonnaise

1 each bell pepper diced

1 stalk celery small diced

1 tsp Dijion mustard

1 each Shallot

¼ cup corn kernels

Chives, parsley

¼ tsp paprika

2 each Lemon juiced

1 each lemon zest

1 each avocado

1 each brioche loaf

1 each mango julienne


1. Combine all ingredients together besides avocado, bread and mango, taste to check salt and adjust seasoning if needed.

2. Toast brioche until crispy

3. Add sliced avocados to the bread, top it off with crab salad

4. garnish with julienne mango tossed with lime juice and tajin.

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