SRP recognizes Fry's employees who protected customer from scam

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Kathleen Mascarenas speaks to Lori and Stuart at Fry's Food Store.(Source: 3TV/ CBS 5) Kathleen Mascarenas speaks to Lori and Stuart at Fry's Food Store.(Source: 3TV/ CBS 5)

SRP honored two Fry's Food Store employees Monday for saving one customer from a scam earlier this month.

A person claiming to be from SRP called the customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, and told him that his electricity would be shut off within two hours if he did not pay several hundred dollars with a prepaid MoneyPak credit card.

He feared he would have no power to his small business over Labor Day Weekend.

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After purchasing one card and turning over the money, he was told that he owed more and had to return to purchase another card.

"Fry's does train us very well as to what to look for," said Lori, one of the Fry's employees who helped prevent the scam.

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The other employee, Stuart, said that several of the man's actions, such as the high dollar amount he wanted and his anxiety over getting the cards as fast as possible, alerted them that he may be the victim of a scam.

"At that point, we made the suggestion that maybe you should revisit the scene because that just doesn't sound right," Stuart said.

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The customer returned home without purchasing the second card and contacted several other, legitimate SRP numbers.

He found out that he did not actually owe any money and that he had been scammed.

He later called SRP again to inform them of the actions of the two Fry's employees.

"I just wanted SRP to know that these people are the ones that saved us from being defrauded anymore, and I wanted them to receive the recognition that they had helped a customer. They did something extraordinary," the customer said.

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Kathleen Mascareñas, a representative for SRP, went on Monday to the Fry's where Lori and Stuart work to personally thank them for their work at helping prevent fraud.

"When you have someone like Lori and someone like Stuart, who see something wrong and they stop it, it's just crucial to let the community know this is happening, and then honor them for what they're doing," said Mascareñas. 

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SRP also offered thank-you letters to the employees, along with movie tickets for them and their families.

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