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No nails and hammering needed, no damage to your walls and they come off easily. We're talking about Command hooks. There are endless ways to use them.

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All week, 3TV’s Tess Rafols is sharing tips to help organize your life and she is hooked on these hooks.

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Let’s start in the kitchen.

Tess' Tip: Free up drawer space by sticking small command hooks inside cabinets and hanging things like potholders and oven mitts. Many utensils have holes that allows you to hang them as well. Those are obvious things.

Tess' Tip: One unique way to use Command hooks is to turn them sideways, use two facing each other to hang a roll of foil or plastic wrap. Again, this will clear a drawer up for you to give you more storage.

Tess' Tip: Following a recipe online and wish you had a holder for your tablet? You can easily create a holder with Command hooks. Pick a wall in your kitchen or even the side of your fridge and just hang two upright, one upside down and this will hold your tablet in place.

Tess' Tip: Command hooks are very useful in the bathroom too. The tiny ones can be turned sideways and placed inside your medicine cabinet for an instant toothbrush holder. This is also a great tip because now the toothbrush is stored away, keeping it clean and away from germs. The hooks are also handy placed inside a cabinet door to hang tools like hair dryers and curling irons.

Tess' Tip: Wish the kids’ backpacks weren’t always lying around the house or littering the kitchen table? Use the hooks inside a coat closet and teach the kids to hang their backpacks there, where they are still accessible, but now hidden.

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As Tess likes to say, everything has a place. 

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