Tess' Tips: Organizing the kitchen pantry

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The kitchen pantry. You love it because you can throw everything in there from food to paper cups and it stays behind closed doors. You hate it because it's such a mess that you can't find anything.

That's the case for Gilbert mom Allegra Biggs. 

“Sometimes they like to climb on the shelves to get things,’ Biggs says. “Then when they’re trying to grab things, they make a mess… I think it would be nice if they could access things a little easier.”

[TESS' TIPS: Organizing your pantry & creating a Snack Central]

So 3TV’s Tess Rafols visited her home to give her pantry a makeover. All week, Tess is sharing her tips for making your home more organized and your life a little less stressful.

Tess believes in creating a “Snack Central” in the pantry for the kids so they can help themselves. Her tips include pre-bagging snacks so they’re portioned out and then separating snacks into bins. Tess went to Dollar Tree and bought different sized containers in the same color or you can recycle any containers or old Tupperware you already have.  

Make bagging the food a family affair. This can take some time, but in the will save you time in the long run. Sort the snacks into bins, then label the bins. For young kids who can’t read yet, print out pictures. When organizing the bins into the shelves, make sure you keep them low so the kids can reach them. The next time the kids are asking for a snack, they can now grab one themselves. This will help make the kids more independent too.

[TESS' TIPS: Create a special cupboard for the kids]

Another tip: create a cabinet just for the kids’ dishes. This way, they can reach plates, silverware and cups themselves.  Bonus: they can also help set the table. 

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