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Curry Goat Stew


Curry Goat Stew
Courtesy of: Chef Danielle Leoni, The Breadfruit and Rum Bar

Yield: 8 Servings                

Goat      7 LB    Bone in & cut for stew – apx 2 inch cubes
Curry Power    1 C    
White Vinegar    ¾ C    
Black pepper    ¼ C    Finely Ground
Sea Salt    ½ C + 1 T    
Pimento    ¼ C    Finely Ground
Tomato    5 C    Slice to specs
Scallion    6 C    Slice to specs
Yellow Onion    6 C    Sliced to specs
TO COOK:         
Thyme    1.5 OZ    Divide and put into 2 bundles using string
Yellow Onion    7 OZ    Thinly Sliced
Garlic    ½ C    Whole
Ginger    ½ C    Skin On / Minced
Butter    4 OZ    
Water    8 C    
1.    Trim sinew or excess fat from goat.  Leave the bones in.
2.    Combine all MARINADE ingredients in bowl. Squeeze together. Pack trimmed goat into marinade.  Cover, refrigerate and marinade for 1 hour or up to 12 hours. 

3.    In a large heavy bottom pot (dutch pot or brazier) on medium heat, add marinated goat and remaining ingredients.  
4.    Cover and simmer on low apx. 4 hours.  DO NOT BOIL.  Stir often and gently.
5.    Check for tenderness.  Simmer on low until tender but should not fall apart.   
6.    Remove from heat when meat is fork tender – does not fall apart but has good give.
7.    If you prefer smoother gravy, then using a food processor or blender, add gravy and puree until smooth.   Pass through medium sieve.

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