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Wildlife World Zoo: "Ducky" White Faced Tree Duck

White-Faced Whistling Duck Facts:

  • White-faced whistling ducks live throughout South America, sub-Saharan Africa.
  • White-faced whistling ducks are named for the bird's white face and it's characteristic high pitched and three-note whistle.
  • Unlike most waterfowl, white-faced whistling ducks often perch in branches and are known as tree ducks.
  • Whistling ducks are more arboreal than many other species of duck, spending part of the day perched on a branch. They are fast swimmers but unlike other ducks, they only dive for food.
  • When alarmed, these ducks stand straight and freeze.
  • The habitat is still freshwater lakes or reservoirs, with plentiful vegetation, where this duck feeds on seeds and other plant food. They also eat small aquatic animals and invertebrates such as aquatic insects, they obtain by diving.
  • Adult white-faced whistling ducks have a black and white head and a reddish chestnut brown breast.
  • Breeding begins at the start of the rainy season. After breeding, white-faced whistling ducks undergo a flightless molt period that lasts from 18-25 days. Adults hide in dense vegetation during their flightless period.
  • The nest of the white-faced whistling duck is a simple depression in the ground amongst tall grass or reed beds.
  • They nest in solitary pairs, small groups or loose colonies.
  • Trees are occasionally used for nesting
  • White-faced whistling ducks lay a clutch of 4-13 eggs that are incubated for 26-28 days, which are incubated by both, female and male.
  • Pairs have very strong bonds, and remains together for their entire life. 
  • Chicks leave the nest and fledge eight weeks after hatching.
  • Length: 14-18 inches & Weight: 1-2 pounds
  • It is partially migratory, moving only to find water when its habitat becomes too dry and arid. 
  • White-faced whistling ducks are social birds that gather in large flocks, sometimes of over 1000 members. They are very social with their group and will often preen each other.
  • Males and females look similar and both retain the same color year-round. Unlike the male, the female has the front of the head and neck spot tinged with rust color.

The Wildlife World Zoo
The Wildlife World Zoo is located at 16501 W. Northern Ave. in Litchfield Park.
For more information on all the zoo's exciting attractions and events, call 623-935-WILD or check out their website:  

Local Love: Ahead to the Past

Ahead to the Past takes 20th Century Radios, Speaker Cabinets, and other Vintage Equipment and brings it into the 21st Century via fresh finishes and updated electronics (USB ports), creating something new out of what was once cutting-edge technology.

For more information visit: their website and social pages:
Phone:  480-329-6489

East Valley group sews & knits for breast cancer patients

Your talent to can be used to help cancer patients. A non-profit in the east Valley called Bag & Boob Babes sews and knits drain-bag aprons, eye masks, breast prosthetics, lap quilts and more for breast cancer patients.

Bag & Boob Babes Corporation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit women's group that: sews drain-bag aprons (to hold JP drains after a mastectomy surgery), pillows, eye masks, small toiletry totes and lap quilts. We also knit Knitted Knockers (a breast prosthetic), knit and crochet lap throws and prayer shawls. 

For more information, visit:

Saturday, October 14,2017 
5pm to 9pm at Greenfield Village Resort
111 S Greenfield Rd, Mesa, AZ 85206
Phone: (480) 832-6400

Live Entertainment-Debbie & Double Eagle Band
BBQ Dinner and Dancing
Tickets are on Sale now thru October 6th
No Tickets Sold at the Door!!!
Ticket Price $20.00
For More Information and Tickets Call
Marilyn Reed 602-513-1728

Valley Pizzeria stays true to its Neapolitan heritage 

New Valley pizza restaurant Midici, sticks to its Italian roots with fresh, natural, ingredients. Staying true to its Neapolitan heritage, the dough is made with only four ingredients on-GMO, double zero flour imported from Naples, pure water, sea salt and live yeast. Garnishes are also authentic and pure including, crushed non-GMO Italian peeled tomatoes, fresh whole mozzarella and non-GMO, Italian extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil. And you finish it off with some extra toppings yourself. 

For more information, visit:

Midici Pizza 
21001 N Tatum Blvd Suite 1010, Phoenix, AZ 85050
(480) 247-7377

Phoenix 10K training: get in a running groove this fall

With the Phoenix 10k and half marathon coming up and cooler weather it is the perfect time to get into a running routine. We check with the experts on how to make sure you are ready to hit the streets with the right shoes and right training program.

For more information on Runner's Den, visit:
Runners Den
6505 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phoenix, AZ 85016

42nd annual 3TV Phoenix 10K & Half Marathon
10K Run, Half Marathon, 5K Run/Walk
Downtown Phoenix
Sunday, November 5, 2017

For more information on the Phoenix 10k visit:

How to protect yourself after Equifax breach

A major hack at Equifax means private information including social security numbers and credit card data for more than 100-million Americans has been compromised. Security experts say you should assume your information is now out there, but, there are still ways to protect your identity.

  • The first thing-don't sign up for credit monitoring from Equifax.

To learn more about how to protect yourself after Equifax, breach visit:

For more information, visit:

The Doctors 10th Season includes an exclusive interview with Aaron Carter 

Pop and Hip-Hop singer Aaron Carter has been in the news a lot lately. Friday reports surfaced of an attempted-suicide, meanwhile Hollywood and public opinion have diagnosed the singer with all sorts of ailments. Today, on 3TV's The Doctors, Aaron undergoes a battery of tests to address every rumor, including those of HIV, cancer and drug abuse. 

The Doctors airs on 3tv at 1pm. 

For more information, visit:   

Tess' Tip: Snack Central 

Do you hate looking in your pantry because it' such a mess and you can't find that can of soup you know you bought a few days ago? That's the case for one Valley Mom with four growing boys who are always hungry and grabbing food in the pantry. So, Tess is giving her pantry a make-over. She's sharing tips all week long to make life a little less stressful and your home more organized. Tess' Tips for the kitchen includes separating snacks into bins and pre-bagging snacks for the kids

For more information, visit:

AZ Pure Water Brew Challenge

It's a statewide campaign to inform Arizonians about the importance of recycling water. It's called the AZ Pure Water Brew Challenge where brewers use recycled water.

For more information, visit:

Seafood in the desert

We may live in the middle of the desert, but all month you can dine like you are at the beach thanks to St. Francis and Chula Seafood.  St. Francis executive chef Aaron Chamberlin will be preparing great dishes with freshly flown in seafood all month long. 

For more information, visit:

Chula Seafood Sunday at St. Francis
Every Sunday night in September
111 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix 85016
Phone: (602) 200-8111