Tess' Tips: Best ways to keep your garage clean

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It's one of the most neglected places in our homes: the garage! It seems to be the place where we toss everything else that we can’t fit into the house.

All week, 3TV’s Tess Rafols is sharing tips on Good Morning Arizona to help you at home.

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She says there are many little things you can do to help clear the clutter. Tess consulted with professional organizer Danielle Wurth of Wurth Organizing. She says folks can easily organize their garage by first tossing out what you don’t need. Once you’ve done that, group things that go with each other.

For example, sports items can go in one area. Group sports balls into a bin. You don’t even have to buy one. Repurpose things like a large planter or basket you don’t use anymore.

[WATCH: Tess' Tips: Clearing garage clutter]

A tall trash can is a great receptacle for all your long tools like sweepers, mops and other poles.

What about tools? Wurth says pegboards are a great way to organize tools. And think out of the box. Bungee cords are a great way to keep things together.

Old garment bags for clothes work great as storage covers for odd-shaped things like Christmas decorations. 

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She also likes to label everything. Wurth says it’s worth investing in a good label maker because it will go a long way with Wurth Organizing helps us out in the garage. For professional organization help, check out WurthOrganizing.com.

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