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Life is busy. As a mom of 8-year-old triplets, 3TV's Tess Rafols says she’s had to find ways to be more organized to save time and save money. She’s learned little hacks go a long way.

One area we could all use some help with: Laundry.

Let’s start with socks. Those little things that we seem to have tons of. Those little things that somehow end up missing their match. If you have kids, you know how tedious it can be just to sort through them, match them and fold them.

Tess’ tip: use mesh laundry bags. You know, the ones that are normally used for delicate clothing that have a zipper. Tess found some inexpensive ones at the dollar store- three for a buck!

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Each family member gets their own bag. To tell them apart, tie a different color ribbon on the zipper for each family member.  

Tess says since her kids were little, she’s taught them that everything has a place.

So teach the kids once they take their socks off, they go directly into their mesh bag.

Come laundry time, zip up the bag and throw them in the wash. Now, the socks stay separated. No more sorting socks. No more lost socks. And each kid can now easily match and fold their own socks.

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Another Tess’ tip: organize the laundry BEFORE you put it away. To help save time for school days, organize outfits together. When folding laundry, she has the kids match tops and bottoms before putting them away. Place bottoms on a shirt and designate a drawer for these outfits.

This way, the kids have a drawer full of outfits ready to go!

This tip will also help avoid fighting and headaches on those busy mornings when everyone is trying to get out the door. 

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