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Geeky Drinking Fun By Krissy Lenz Guru of Geekery

At the end of a long day, what is more relaxing than a cool, crisp cocktail with friends?  
Krissy Lenz, the Guru of Geekery is here to help you geek it up! 

Science up your drinking! Check out these geeky gadgets and get your drink on in style, with science!

Fizzics Portable Beer Tap – Bring the fizzy goodness of a freshly tapped beer to your next at home gathering with this cool gadget! Fizzics Waytap is a portable beer tap that improves the quality of your bottled and canned beer! Fizzics micro-foam technology dramatically improves the flavor, taste and mouth-feel of any carbonated beer. Any standard size can or bottle will work with Fizzics. 
$129.99; Available at Target, Best Buy, Brookstone and

Fine and fancy wines and liquors can still get geeky and be enjoyed at their best!

Aura Glass 360 Drinkware-  Look like a geeky drinking boss, prevent accidental wine spills and aerate your drink with a one-of-a-kind glass! Aura Glass is anchored by a stainless steel ball, which allows the glass to pivot a full 360 degrees. Aura Glass will also aerate the drink with the touch of a finger to allow aromas, flavors and bouquets to be released. 
Two glasses start at $49.95; 

What I love about Fizzics and Aura Glass is that, in addition to looking cool and giving you a James Bond edge, both of these items use science to enhance your drinking experience!

How else can we geekify our drinking experience? I say start with what you are drinking from! In addition to the cool Aura Glass drink ware; there is a plethora of other awesome geeky drink ware available! 

Sip your Moscow Mule out of geeky copper mugs or get in on the geeky tiki trend! Think Geek has a wide variety of very cool glasses, mugs and shot glasses including these Star Wars Geeky Tikis:  A set of 2 is just $24.99 
Or these Laboratory Shot Glasses: A set of 4 is $19.99

What will you do to while away the hours with your geeky drinking pals? Play some drinking games! 

Listen to Educating Geeks podcast, the podcast where geeks review their favorite movies, games, tv shows, books and more and then create fun and sometimes frivolous drinking games inspired by whatever the hosts are geeking out about! We recommend playing along while watching or playing the media reviewed… start with 
Labyrinth recorded live at Phoenix Comicon: 
The video game Portal: 
or the X-Files Movie: 
And check out the whole Educating Geeks archives at 

However you choose to approach your Geeky Drinking experience, remember to be safe and drink responsibly! 

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