Peoria toddler who almost choked to death meets his life-saving heroes

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It's a happy ending for a 2-year-old Peoria boy who nearly died after choking on a carrot. But thanks to a quick response from his mom and his rescuers, that little boy survived and is going to be just fine.

And this week, the family got to meet and say thank you to all those involved in saving their son's life.

[SLIDESHOW: Little boy saved from choking meets rescuers]

On August 1, 2-year-old Gideon Green was at home with his mother when a carrot became lodged in the little boy's throat.

His mom, who was right next to the child the whole time and watched the incident occur, quickly dialed 911. She also tried to dislodge the blockage.

Unfortunately, she was unable to remove the airway blockage and Gideon lost consciousness. She

First on the scene were two Peoria police officers, who immediately began CPR until Peoria Fire-Medical paramedics arrived.

"We saw a child who looked lifeless; he was kind of blue," said Officer Jonathan Spann with the Peoria Police Department. "We just went into action until the firefighters showed up and they took over from there."

Firefighter paramedics were able to remove the blockage and began breathing for the child and working to revive him.

"At that point, he did not have a heartbeat," said Capt. Greg Serrano with Peoria Fire and Medical. "So we were able to intubate him and breathe for him."

Paramedics continued their life-saving efforts in the ambulance while rushing Gideon to Banner Thunderbird Hospital.

"His heart stopped three different times between our house and the hospital, and they were able to resuscitate him every time," said Gideon's dad, Nate Green.

Gideon arrived at the hospital still unresponsive and not breathing. Doctors continued to work diligently to save his life.

In an almost miraculous save, doctors were finally able to revive young Gideon. Amazingly, Gideon, who was released from the hospital over a week later, has made a full recovery and suffered no long-term effects.

"It's been amazing to see Gideon's recovery," said Green about his son. "He's doing really great now. getting in trouble even, having fun at home, bouncing around, just doing really good. Just have him on a breathing treatment and getting his lungs back to health."

On Thursday, Peoria Police, Fire and representatives of Banner Hospital reunited with Gideon and his family.  It was a hug-filled, happy reunion, as everyone celebrated the teamwork that helped save a little boy's life.

"We kind of focus on the result, the outcome of it," said Capt. Serrano."But the reality is that everything that goes into that one moment, that call is us working together, training together, talking about calls and learning from each and every call. We were able to take all that and apply it to this situationa and Gideon had a positive outcome."

"It feels great," Officer Spann said. "We go to many calls when the outcome is not as positive as it is today. We came to a scene where the kid was in jeopardy of losing his life. We all worked together and now we're seeing him laughing, playing, interacting with his family. So he has a chance at life again, due to all the efforts that we put in together."

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