Teens caught on camera stealing from cars parked in Ahwatukee neighborhood

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An Ahwatukee neighborhood is on alert after some shady characters are caught on camera trying to sneak into cars in the middle of the night.

Home security video appears to show three teenagers walking around the Ahwatukee community in the middle of the night, looking for unlocked cars they can get into, to steal whatever is inside.

Homeowner Bill Downey said it's a bit unsettling to think this is happening so close to home.

"It's concerning because most people keep their garage door openers in their cars," said Downey. "They get a hold of that, they have access to the garage and house."

This video was taken around 3 a.m. Monday, off 48th Street and Chandler Boulevard.

An alert has already been posted on an Ahwatukee Crime Watch Facebook page.

Phoenix police Sgt. Jonathan Howard said these crimes of opportunity happen all the time, but many of them can be prevented if people just take a few simple precautions.

"They know people leave change in the ashtray and people get home and leave their briefcase and leave their phone," said Howard."But its always been our recommendation to take it - lock it - or conceal it.  Take stuff with you in the house, lock the car or conceal objects if you are not at home, or cant store them in another location."

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Jason Barry
Jason Barry has been reporting in the Valley since 1997.

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Jason Barry

Jason Barry has been reporting in the Valley since 1997.

He is a nine-time Rocky Mountain Emmy Award winner who is best known for his weekly Dirty Dining reports, which highlight local restaurants with major health code violations.

Jason was born in Los Angeles and graduated from the University of Miami.

An avid sports fan, Jason follows the Diamondbacks, Cardinals and Suns with his wife, Karen, and son, Joshua.

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