Agency recommends limiting consumption of fish from 3 lakes

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(Source: U.S. Forest Service) (Source: U.S. Forest Service)

State officials are recommending that people eating fish caught in lakes in three Arizona counties limit their consumption because of elevated levels of mercury in fillets from several species.

Advisories issued Wednesday by the Department of Environment Quality stems from recent analysis of tissue samples from yellow bass from Canyon Lake in Maricopa County and largemouth bass from Becker Lake in Apache County and Black Canyon Lake in Navajo County.

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The department says any potential health risks are based on long-term consumption, not occasional eating of fish.

According to the department, mercury in the environment can come from various natural and man-made sources and that fish accumulate elevated levels of mercury when larger fish consume smaller fish and insects.

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Health risks from long-term consumption can include central nervous system damage.

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