Chandler couple revolutionizes gift-giving with giftLinks

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A Chandler couple has revolutionized the art of gift-giving.  

Levi McClendon says he came up with the idea for giftLinks when he wanted to do random acts of kindness for his clients.

"I wanted to send a quick text with a link to a gift card of their choice, and there was nothing out there in this fashion," McClendon said. 

This past February he launched giftLinks, a text-based tool -- no app download required -- that allows anyone with a cellular phone to send out links to gift cards. 

"We think this is a very cool idea and best of all it's a very way easy way to do it," says McClendon's wife, Jenny.  "For me, a person who loves people and I have good intentions but not enough time, it has really produced a way for me to be able to fulfill all those intentions that I have."

To start, text the word giftlinks to 55678. (Tap the link to open your texting app from this story on  your mobile device.)

The company sends you a text message right back so you can register. The company needs your cell phone number and your payment method. You also can register online at (Yes, it's dot io.)

Once you're registered, text the amount you would like to give somebody. That's all. 

"Now you go ahead and paste the gift link and you hit send to your recipient," McClendon explained. "So now, when my mom or the recipient gets this, they can click the gift link and they can choose now from the top retailers in the country." 

Those top retailers include Target, Best Buy and Chili's. The best part is that your gift recipient gets to choose what he or she wants.

The McClendons are busy raising 10 children and say sometimes they have multiple birthdays or family events that merit the use of a fast and convenient way to send a gift that the recipient will like. 

"My son's friend picked the card to Target and picked a toy he had wanted for a long time. His dad snapped a picture and sent it to me," Jenny said. "GiftLinks has been that thing that helps me make sure those who are important to me feel a surprise in their life from me -- and I am a total people person." 

For more information, you can text the word text the word giftlinks to 55678 or check out

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