Oregon taxpayers will get 'kicker' rebate

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Image: Oregon Office of Economic Analysis Image: Oregon Office of Economic Analysis

The strong economy has triggered Oregon's kicker law.

State economists said Wednesday that more than $460 million will be returned to taxpayers. Rather than getting a check, taxpayers must claim the kicker as a credit when they do their 2017 state taxes early next year.

The kicker law was created in 1979 as a check on government growth. It's triggered when the state collects at least 2 percent more than anticipated during a two-year budget cycle. When that happens, the additional money is kicked back to taxpayers.

The estimated median rebate will be $89, though the value varies significantly based on income.

Oregon taxpayers last got their kicker in 2015. Before 2015, they had gone eight years without a rebate, due to the recession.

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