'Solar Sisters' reunite 38 years after eclipse

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(Source: CNN) (Source: CNN)

(CNN) – It's a reunion that's decades in the making and likely to be out of this world.

Alena, Mary Rose, Danielle, Amy and camera-shy Holly has been close since February 1979.

They were freshman in high school and learning about total solar eclipses - by watching the last one at their all-girls school in Trenton, New Jersey.

"On August 21, 2017, there would be the next total solar eclipse. Amy wrote it down and we said if we still together - and still friends having a total solar eclipse party."

38 Years later and the group is making good on that promise. Different colleges, marriages, moves, and kids didn't stand in the way.

Now calling themselves the "solar sisters" the five - are gathered at Alena’s home in Hamilton to finalize details for a trip to Missouri where they expect a perfect view of the eclipse that seemed so far away all those years ago.

“It seemed so futuristic at the time - and said we'll be so old. But here we are - we didn't age. No not all, I think it's an example of the longevity of female friendships and how we bonded so much at 14 years old and seen each other thru so much of lives ups and downs."

They say while they are looking forward to seeing solar history, but this girl’s weekend is more about reliving memories, making amazing new ones; and fulfilling a promise five girls made to each other nearly 40 years ago.

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