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By Cole Streeper

Fall camp is well underway for Sun Devil Football, and with it, another season of Uniformity.

Hello again, old friends, and welcome to any new readers to the 2017 edition of the column dedicated to the aesthetics of ASU athletics. In this inaugural article of the 2017 season, we will be breaking down the different jerseys worn during practice in both the details as well as their meanings. That way, throughout the rest of Fall camp, and the rest of the season, when you see pictures of Arizona State players wearing various colors during practice, you’ll know exactly what they mean, and why they’re wearing them.

Maroon: Offense

First up, the tried and true classic ASU jersey color: Maroon. Worn by the offensive players, the maroon practice jersey reads “Sun Devils” in Sun Devil Bold font across the chest. There is a gold Adidas logo near the right shoulder and a gold PT42 is near the left shoulder in honor of Pat Tillman. At the base of the collar are three subtle gold Adidas stripes.

The gold numbers are outlined with white on both sides of the jersey, deviating from the black number outline of the last three generations of maroon game jerseys, and bearing a striking familiarity to ASU uniforms of the past. The back of the jersey boasts a gold pitchfork with maroon trim at the base of the neck, while the sleeves have three gold stripes, further signifying Arizona State’s partnership with Adidas.

White: Defense

The white practice jersey is worn by the defense and has many of the same elements of the game-day away jerseys. The basic elements of this and all practice jerseys are also the same as the maroon, though with different coloration. Sun Devils is written in maroon across the chest in Sun Devils Bold font. The Adidas logo and PT42 insignia on either shoulder are maroon as well. There are also three subtle maroon Adidas stripes at the base of the collar.

The maroon jersey numbers are outlined with gold on both sides of the jersey, which mirrors the game-day away uniform. There is a maroon pitchfork with gold trim at the base of the neck on the back of the jersey while the sleeves feature three maroon stripes.

Gray: Quarterbacks

While gray has been seen on field with copper, these gray threads that are worn by the quarterback corps feature maroon and gold accents. Sun Devils is written across the chest in gold on this practice jersey. The Adidas logo and PT42 insignia are both gold on either shoulder, just like on the maroon practice jersey. The three small Adidas stripes at the base of the color are also gold.

The gray jersey does differ from the maroon, however, because the gold numbers on either side of the jersey are outlined with maroon rather than white. On the back of the jersey, there is a gold pitchfork with maroon trim at the base of the neck. A unique attribute of this jersey is that it is the only practice jersey on which the Adidas three stripes on the sleeves are not the same color as the primary accents on the rest of the jersey. While the numbers and lettering are gold on the gray practice jerseys, the three stripes on the sleeves are maroon.

Gold: Scout Team

Those members of the roster that play an integral part in the team preparation from week to week reside on the practice squad, and they wear the gold practice jerseys. The main accent color on the gold practice jerseys is maroon, and it can be seen in all of the print on the jerseys on the chest, sleeves, and the numbers on either side of the jerseys. The maroon numbers are outlined by black, and the pitchfork at the base of the neck on the back of the jersey is maroon with gold trim.

Green: No Contact

Sun Devil players that are physically capable to participate in drills, but may be nursing an injury that could be aggravated by contact wear the green No Contact jerseys during practice. These jerseys are meant to stand out as a color far away from the general color scheme as they have no hint of maroon or gold on them. The green jerseys have all of the same print and logos as the other practice jerseys, but all of that print is plain white with no outline. The one exception to that is on the back of the green jerseys where a maroon pitchfork with gold trim resides at the base of the neck.

Additional Practice Gear Info:

In the past, different colored helmets have been used to signify different things. That is not the case this year, as only maroon helmets are being used during regular practice sessions.

You may notice the offense wearing the gray Desert Hammer pants and the defense wearing the white Desert Ice pants, both accented with copper, during practice. That is because those game day uniform options are now defunct.

That does it for the Practice Uniform Key edition of Uniformity. If any of you fine readers notice anything interesting from photos of practice jerseys, or anything else you see in the media related to Sun Devil Athletics uniforms, feel free to reach out by tweeting me at @ASU_Uniformity or at @sundevilcole7.

Keep an eye out for more Uniformity as the 2017 football season approaches and all season long. Looking forward to another great year of Sun Devil Style!

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