Naked eclipse party...and other rituals across the world

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A nudist club in Lonedell, Missouri is having an eclipse viewing party.

The Forty Acre Club was founded in 1950, a board member said it is the only remaining nudist club in Missouri.

Board member Tom Morrissey says the club has five sites open for RV’s and nearly 12 sites available for tents on eclipse day. All of its cabins are booked. Those who camp at the Forty Acre Club must do so naked, according to club rules.

“You have to use common sense based on weather and everything. In our pool area, common grounds, nudity is required,” Morrissey said.

In nearby St. Clair, Mo., the town is turning the eclipse into a three-day festival as are several other cities in the path of totality. Morrissey said the 40 Acre Club will do the same. On Friday, there will be eclipse themed dances in the pavilion, tournaments, and a potluck and pool party.

“We got glasses for everyone, we’re expecting this pool area to be packed,” said Morrissey.

Club members will be coming from around the Midwest. One man who belongs to a similar club in England will be flying from London to watch the eclipse at the Forty Acre Club.

But if you think this ritual is strange, check out these ones from across the world.

Banging Pots and Pans

For some societies in the Middle East, banging pots and pans was common to do during an eclipse. Why? Because they believe the moon was attacking the sun and were trying to frighten the moon away.

Pregnant? Stay inside

Indian folklore demands pregnant women stay inside during an eclipse because they believed the rays given off are harmful to unborn babies, leading to birthmarks and other types of deformities.

No cooked food Hindus

Some Hindu people toss away any cooked food during an eclipse and clean their homes as a form of cleansing. Some will also chant during the entirety of the eclipse and donate to charities.

Shooting at the eclipse

In ancient China, warriors would shoot arrows at the moon, which they believed was a dragon attempting to eat the sun. They shot at the dragon to scare it away, otherwise, the world would have been plunged into eternal darkness.

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